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Comment Anonymous = bs (Score 1) 187

Ok seriously.....they aren't releasing all the documents because it would be irresponsible? Do those words sounds like the words of a suicide hacker to you? Or the words of a badly trained actor pretending to be a suicide hacker? Only a suicide hacker would go after the US government. I have read the laws pertaining to internet hacking for the US (Or as much as I could since it was written in some strange form of english called legaleeze) And the laws are so extreme that you could go to jail for even pinging a US government server. Does anyone else see the rather large gaps in logic here?

Comment problem/reaction/solution (Score 2) 304

i dont buy for a second anonymous is legit at all, this is a CIA front creating problems to garner a reaction from the public so legislation can be passed to further restrict internet usage. I can smell scams like this @ this point in my life from a mile away. And I know alot of people who share my opinion. You cant fool all the people all the time you fucks. As an american citizen the constitution gives us the right to revolution in the case which the government becomes corrupt. Never forget that, and question everything.

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