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Comment: Re:Yet another redundant, useless law (Score 3, Informative) 618

Couple of points.

1) EPA has no jurisdiction for mold remediation in your house so there are no regulations about how you can go about cleaning it.
2) The EPA does have a mandate to help you and they did: That's the first hit on googling: EPA mold remediation residential, and clicking 'who should do the cleanup'. They clearly state for less than 10 sq feet do it yourself, don't pay anyone.

You didn't even need to pay the person you eventually paid, let alone the person scamming you. Don't blame the EPA or science for your lack of awareness or ability to spend 20 seconds using google. They did what they should to help you.

Comment: In other news Industrial Buggy and Implement (Score 0) 287

by belthize (#46149451) Attached to: Layoffs At Now-Private Dell May Hit Over 15,000 Staffers

to lay off 100% of work force.

Yes it sucks for the 15,000 that are going to get laid off, it will also suck for the remaining 85,000 plus all of Dells partners if the company goes completely under. The past 20 years have seen numerous large and small PC companies go under. This is what Dell has to do to survive.

I'm probably considered left of center on quite a few fiscal issues but the slant in this article is pretty pathetic.

Comment: Re:Conversely (Score 1) 722

by belthize (#45245149) Attached to: Google: Our Robot Cars Are Better Drivers Than You

And an autonomous car will be much better than you at calculating all the variables. It can look both ways, behind and ahead, nearly instantly calculate multiple closing speeds and decide the best outcome. It may decide getting rear ended is better, it may decide traveling all the way through the intersection is better.

The point is, you have to invoke bugs or failure to come up with a scenario where a human will be better at avoiding an accident than an autonomous car. Most humans are nearly oblivious to what's going on around them while they drive.

Comment: Re:Conversely (Score 1) 722

by belthize (#45244659) Attached to: Google: Our Robot Cars Are Better Drivers Than You

An autonomous car will be even better than you in that situation, *if* it's programmed for it. Not only can it always be looking behind (and sideways, forward etc) it can gauge the oncoming car's closing speed, deceleration etc and figure out how far to move forward.

The lesson learned from the example is they need to add some rules that it's ok to enter an intersection through a red light or stop sign if it means avoiding getting rear ended.

Comment: Misdirection (Score 5, Funny) 86

by belthize (#44227125) Attached to: Exposed SSH Key Means US Emergency Alert System Can Be Hacked

I think this is just misdirection and cover up.

'Earlier this year we were shown an example of an intrusion on the EAS when the Montana Television Network's regular programming was interrupted by news of a zombie apocalypse. Although there was no zombie apocalypse, it did highlight just how vulnerable the system is,

How do we know there was no zombie apocalypse. Maybe they're just claiming a vulnerability to pretend the apocalypse was a fake. When was the last time you talked to somebody in Montana, would you even know if it'd been overrun ?

Comment: Be creative (Score 2) 207

If this mutt:$500-million-in-questionable-bids/
can claim to be a disabled vet because he hurt his ankle in high school at a prep school then the sky is definitely the limit for you.

Seriously though as others have stated your resume itself isn't nearly as important as who you send it to. You have a rare combination of skills (engineering, military, jet aircraft etc) and there are small set of companies that would give you a serious look regardless. It doesn't have to be all drones and DoD type companies, NASA and commercial engineering firms would be as well.

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