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Comment: Re:Fuelless (Score 1) 252

by belthize (#49823089) Attached to: Fuel Free Spacecrafts Using Graphene

Agreed that you can't really tack in the nautical sense but it's at least conceptually similar.

With mirrors you can adjust where on the surface light hits and therefore change the preferred direction of motion. You may not be able to sail directly toward the sun (though you might) but you could in theory tack back and forth so you had a net vector towards the sun.

Comment: Wrong direction (Score 1) 91

by belthize (#49734769) Attached to: Tweets To Appear In Google Search Results

I really don't give a damn how many useless pages a search engine can return in 1.344821 seconds. I care about relevance. Google has slowly eroded the relevance of their returned pages either by adding useless content (tweets) or removing useful search modes (e.g. simple regex).

I'd happily pay a small monthly or annual fee to support a search engine that will return highly relevant pages after a few minutes or even longer if it allows more complicated search and context expressions.

Comment: Re:object @ 58 seconds-left to right- (Score 1) 96

by belthize (#49705989) Attached to: Russian Rocket Crashes In Siberia

That was a bit odd. I'd guess a planet though that's a heck of a lucky image. It may also have been a monitoring plane. The camera is likely tracking left to right fairly quickly so a relatively stationary object will appear to track right to left equally quickly. It only appears to get close in 2 dimensions, it's hard to say how close the object was along the viewing axis.

That video cuts out long before the actual failure. There were no cameras on it by the time it failed. The end of the video is showing the stage 1 to stage 2 transfer.

Comment: Re:Mexico? (Score 4, Informative) 96

by belthize (#49705529) Attached to: Russian Rocket Crashes In Siberia

Why, they have 7 already, one fewer than Norway and and the same number as Denmark. They have the 15th largest GDP in the world, roughly the same as Australia's. The US has 10X the GDP and 200X the number of satellites so we spend a much higher percentage of GDP on satellites. The US has a sense of Mexico being a god awful poor 3rd world country mostly due to it's proximity. We unfavorably compare it directly to our own economy where as other countries further away have more of a 'must be better' mysterious sense.

Sure it's 66th in per capita GDP but that doesn't mean they as a nation they can't afford more modern technologies, particularly now that the cost is so low.

Comment: Re:This is not a good thing. (Score 1) 866

by belthize (#49684049) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US

Fine, there is also an inverse correlation between US poverty level by state ( and the general religiousness of a state (

Your assertion simply flies in the face of the data. The exact opposite of what you claim is suggested by actual data, If you have any data beyond what you decided was probably the case by all means share it.

Lastly I didn't conflate the two. Religious organizations are front in center fighting against marriage equality, abortion rights, income inequality and any number of other issues. They're also front in center in fighting for them. This is because ultimately the organizations are reflection of their constituents belief systems and they gravitate to ones that fit their world view.

Comment: Re:This is not a good thing. (Score 1) 866

by belthize (#49681161) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US

Saying religious organizations have been at the forefront of most social change is a bit of a meaningless statement.

If 80% of the population is affiliated with a religion then they damn well ought to be at the forefront. In fact they ought to account for the majority and preferably at least 80%.

One could just as easily say that religious organizations have been at the forefront of resisting most social change, education and civil rights movements (see current debate on gay rights, marriage equality, global warming, abortion rights).

Lastly I see no reason that your assertion that lack of religion strongly correlates with poverty and economic mobility. In fact I believe it's quite the opposite and the facts seem to back that up. The countries with the highest economic mobility and lowest poverty happen to be the ones with the lowest religious affiliation (the US is not a leader in any of those categories).

Comment: Re:Let's just humour them (Score 2) 235

by belthize (#49653141) Attached to: Shape of the Universe Determined To Be Really, Really Flat

I'd be very interested in reading your paper where you include the math where working through the conceptualization of 'outside looking in'.

I'd certainly be open to other interpretations but they need to be a bit more rigorous than: I fundamentally don't understand the math of modern cosmology so I came up with some new model that's about as complicated as visualizing an inflated balloon.

BTW, your analogy really ought to be 20 cameras not 20 eye witnesses. That's a closer approximation.

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