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Comment: Re:Some of those are married (Score 1) 233

by belthize (#49067279) Attached to: Mars One: Final 100 Candidates Selected

Why would people agree to let their spouse leave knowing that they will never see or speak to them again??

I just dug out my marriage license, don't see anything in there about me having to ask my spouse permission to leave.

Maybe it was just a poor choice of words or maybe you really do think one party gets a veto over the other party going off somewhere.

Comment: Re:How perfectly appropriate - (Score 1) 341

by belthize (#48708857) Attached to: Pope Francis To Issue Encyclical On Global Warming

There's a huge difference between rationally discussing the solution to a problem and ignoring the existence of a problem. Both result in a solution, one by abdicating the ability to affect the outcome.

The sooner the world starts having serious political and social debates about what (if anything) should be done we'll be better off. Until then we're stuck with a lot of finger in ear lalalalalalalalalalalalalala'ing the issues.

Comment: Re:Great observational skills (Score 1) 99

by belthize (#48643049) Attached to: Birds Fled Area Before Tornadoes Appeared

Good lord how is this modded insightful, it's the exact opposite of insightful unless what the modders are saying is the learned something about the OP's character.

First off it's another one of these "I know nothing about the topic but am going to belittle the science" posts. Secondly low pressure has nothing to do with it. As the article stated there was no environmental changes (pressure, wind etc) at the nesting site the day before. The theory is the birds are sensitive to the very low frequency rumblings of tornadoes hundreds of miles away the day before the storm front arrived. Granted that's just a theory but nowhere does pressure gradient enter into it.

Comment: Re:Lucky for Stripe (Score 1) 353

by belthize (#48310737) Attached to: Online Payment Firm Stripe Boots 3D Gun Designer Cody Wilson's Companies

Why the hell is this flagged as interesting. It's not even vaguely interesting from a logical argument sense. As others have pointed out there's a fundamental difference in *who* you choose to do business with based on race, color, religion etc and *what* you choose to do business with (e.g. gun part manufacturers, clown costume manufacturers, taco distributors).

Comment: Re:Whoever injected the senseless fear element... (Score 2) 107

by belthize (#48083475) Attached to: First Teleportation of Multiple Quantum Properties of a Single Photon

The point of teleporting a virus is to see if you can teleport a (nearly) living organism and have it remain viable. It's the obvious next step after molecule and before bacteria or Donald Trump.

Just because half the world is freaking out over ebola doesn't mean viruses wouldn't be an obvious thing to try or that we should avoid mentioning them.

Thus spake the master programmer: "Time for you to leave." -- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"