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by beernutmark (#46757595) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?
I think you are being overly paranoid. Even if there was a calculation error in the forms submitted, the IRS simply sends you a correction letter and either reduces your refund or charges you the difference. Now, missing a deduction or forgetting to include income is a completely different thing. However, you should print out your 1040 at the end anyway and check through it for just those kind of issues.

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Yes but that's not caused by releasing another devkit specifically. Those problems may, or may not, be inherent in the technology. Releasing additional devkits may help solve those problems. It may not though. Regardless, I can't see how the overall excitement for vr will be hurt by another dev kit.

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This just reiterates how bitcoin is not a currency but a speculators market. You didn't share how you spent them to buy groceries or anything else that currency is normally used for. You simply were lucky to buy and sell at the right time in a speculative bubble. Your statement could easily have been said by tulip traders in the 1630's.

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Nope, not a loan. Angels are getting in as owners early in the game and hoping for an IPO or acquisition to get paid out. They incur great risk since their stake is often highly diluted after additional fund raising efforts. That is why the fees are so high.

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Having not read the actual legislation, the following quote from the article seems quite important: "The legislation requires that the selling of crowdfund securities take place on registered websites."

Notice the phase "selling of crowdfund securities." I think that most crowd funding doesn't involve the sale of securites and in fact most are just clever ways of pre-selling merchandise not yet made without having to give away any equity at all.

Although I could be talking complete nonsense.

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Its more than range. The issue is that when the electric car runs out of juice, you have to go plug it in for N hours (where 'N' is a fairly large number).

Only if you think numbers less than 4 are large. I can charge my focus electric from nearly zero range to full 60+ in less than 4 hours. My short commute is about 12 miles each way and when I am home it takes less than an hour to get back to full charge. Many days I drive much more than 60 miles. Just need a quick charge between runs.

Even as a commuting car, it has problems because when you get home, you can't use the car to even go run errands, pick up the kids from where ever they are, etc.

Even if you get home with only 5 miles of range less, unless your kids/grocery are 20+ miles away you can just hook up to your charger and get about 4 miles for every 10 min of charge. So, hook up the car, chill for a bit, and then go hit the store, pickup the kids, etc... without worry.

Oh, and don't forget the effect of driving at night when one has to turn on the head lights.

You are joking right? Should I turn down the stereo also? These electric draws don't even register on range.

Bottom line is that until electric cars have a greater range and a "refuel" time that is comparable to that of gasoline engines, they are of limited utility.

This simply isn't true. Yes they have a few drawbacks compared to gas cars but the positives blow those away in my calculations. Also, all those comparisons assume that you are a one car household. I don't know to many of those in my peer group. As long as you have one gas car in the fleet (or don't mind renting one occasionally) an electric car is great to own.

I love mine

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There are several things you are missing from this. I have also shaved over $200 /mo off our gas expenses.
1) He probably went from a much older, more gas guzzling car to electric. This is what I did when going to my focus electric.
2) The electric car energy use isn't just a little less, it is a lot less.
3) In a 2+ car household the new electric tends to get used for as many trips as possible. In our house whoever is driving the furthest that day takes the electric. This makes gas usage in the second car much lower also.
My electric bill went up of course from charging the electric but not very much and we drive our focus 60+ miles 3 days a week and 20+ the rest.

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I am pretty sure that Helium is not produced from natural gas but is extracted from it. Helium is produced and trapped underground via radioactive decay and it happens to get trapped in the same areas as the natural gas gets trapped. The gases being produced in landfills via decay are not helium. Just because you have natural gas doesn't mean you have helium.

Air pollution is really making us pay through the nose.