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Comment: Re:I worked in bars (Score 1) 48

by beernutmark (#47953739) Attached to: SteadyServ Helps Keep the Draft Beer Flowing (Video)
That system can easily be implemented using a series hookup with existing equipment. The downside is that all the kegs need to remain hooked to the system to get flow (you can't simply hook up one coupler). As you say it is really only helpful for very high volume locations with few taps. Here is an example of how to hook it up.

Comment: Re:I'm a brewer (Score 2) 48

by beernutmark (#47953701) Attached to: SteadyServ Helps Keep the Draft Beer Flowing (Video)
Umm... AC bar owner. You are 100% wrong. The kegs you buy ARE pressurized/carbonated. Kegs of beer are not like bag in a box soda. The kegs come fully carbonated. There is no difference between consumer and commercial kegs. The external CO2 tank (and hopefully you are really using either brew gas or a blender with separate co2 and nitro tanks) is used to push the beer out and keep the keg under pressure and thus carbonated as it is dispensed.

Comment: Re:base it around my OS (Score 1) 386

by beernutmark (#46757595) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?
I think you are being overly paranoid. Even if there was a calculation error in the forms submitted, the IRS simply sends you a correction letter and either reduces your refund or charges you the difference. Now, missing a deduction or forgetting to include income is a completely different thing. However, you should print out your 1040 at the end anyway and check through it for just those kind of issues.

Comment: Re:I think this is dangerous (Score 5, Insightful) 100

by beernutmark (#46525035) Attached to: Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 Ready For Pre-Order Today
Yes but that's not caused by releasing another devkit specifically. Those problems may, or may not, be inherent in the technology. Releasing additional devkits may help solve those problems. It may not though. Regardless, I can't see how the overall excitement for vr will be hurt by another dev kit.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin is a hoot (Score 1) 631

by beernutmark (#46354953) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do You Still Trust Bitcoin?
This just reiterates how bitcoin is not a currency but a speculators market. You didn't share how you spent them to buy groceries or anything else that currency is normally used for. You simply were lucky to buy and sell at the right time in a speculative bubble. Your statement could easily have been said by tulip traders in the 1630's.

Comment: Re:Economy of scale strikes again (Score 2) 366

by beernutmark (#45869293) Attached to: The SEC Is About To Make Crowdfunding More Expensive
Nope, not a loan. Angels are getting in as owners early in the game and hoping for an IPO or acquisition to get paid out. They incur great risk since their stake is often highly diluted after additional fund raising efforts. That is why the fees are so high.

Comment: Perhaps not such a big deal (Score 5, Insightful) 366

by beernutmark (#45869189) Attached to: The SEC Is About To Make Crowdfunding More Expensive

Having not read the actual legislation, the following quote from the article seems quite important: "The legislation requires that the selling of crowdfund securities take place on registered websites."

Notice the phase "selling of crowdfund securities." I think that most crowd funding doesn't involve the sale of securites and in fact most are just clever ways of pre-selling merchandise not yet made without having to give away any equity at all.

Although I could be talking complete nonsense.

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