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Comment Re:I'm ashamed that I never get sick of these stor (Score 1) 104

All currencies and even gold/silver/platinum only have value because people BELIEVE they have value.

No. Gold, platinum and sliver have actual uses that contribute to their value. While much of the value may be speculative, they do have intrinsic value which is specific to each of them individually.

Bitcoin has no similar intrinsic value that isn't easily copied (and possibly improved upon) by any number of altcoins.

Comment Insteon Experience (Score 1) 248

I too have a whole house Insteon system and pretty much concur with your wins/losses 100% with the following additions:

-- A huge win is that outsiders need not know that the lighting is automated at all. Just use the light switch. Works pretty much like any other lighting system. In places with an 8 or 6 button switch is is still fairly obvious what button to hit to turn on the lights.
-- One button for all the kitchen lights.
-- One button for the whole main floor.
-- With my ISY994 the system smartly controls my irrigation system. It waters only when needed and avoids windy days and days with expected rain.
-- I can turn off all the lights in the house and tell the thermostat to go into setback mode with one button. I have that button programmed in the bedroom, by the front and back doors, and garage door. (programmed it to require three taps to prevent visitors from accidentally turning off the lights)
-- I have my thermostat setback when I leave the house.
-- I have my thermostat smartly look at the outside temp and adjust temperatures accordingly. Ie. it goes into setback mode if the outside temp is at all pleasant.
-- I have one button to turn on "Welcome home" mode when I enter the house.
-- I have timers to auto turn off the kids lights at night.
-- It is tied into my XBMC system and dims the lights when the movie playback starts.
-- The lights are set to come on in the case of a fire alarm trigger. (Hope I never need this).

-- Very, very rarely (a couple times a year) there is some button press on my 6 button switches which turn on every light in the house. It is easy to turn everything back off with my all-off button but it still is weird.
-- Programming is a pain but I very very rarely change anything anymore. It just works.
-- Occasionally a program stops working right but a simple ISY reboot fixes it.

Comment Re:I worked in bars (Score 1) 48

That system can easily be implemented using a series hookup with existing equipment. The downside is that all the kegs need to remain hooked to the system to get flow (you can't simply hook up one coupler). As you say it is really only helpful for very high volume locations with few taps. Here is an example of how to hook it up.

Comment Re:I'm a brewer (Score 2) 48

Umm... AC bar owner. You are 100% wrong. The kegs you buy ARE pressurized/carbonated. Kegs of beer are not like bag in a box soda. The kegs come fully carbonated. There is no difference between consumer and commercial kegs. The external CO2 tank (and hopefully you are really using either brew gas or a blender with separate co2 and nitro tanks) is used to push the beer out and keep the keg under pressure and thus carbonated as it is dispensed.

Comment Re:base it around my OS (Score 1) 386

I think you are being overly paranoid. Even if there was a calculation error in the forms submitted, the IRS simply sends you a correction letter and either reduces your refund or charges you the difference. Now, missing a deduction or forgetting to include income is a completely different thing. However, you should print out your 1040 at the end anyway and check through it for just those kind of issues.

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