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Comment Re:PS4 (Score 3, Informative) 374

The fact that there exist games where the Xbox One can do 1080p/60 does not mean that in all cases it can. There are several games that render at 1080p on PS4, but 720p or 900p on Xbox, e.g. Assassin's Creed IV, Batman Arkham Knight, CoD, Destiny, Diablo III, Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Just Cause 3, Lords of the Fallen, Metro: Redux, Shadow of Mordor, Pro Evo Soccer 2015, Project Cars, Shadow Warrior, Star Wars Battle Front*, The Evil Within, Thief, Tom Raider: Definitive Edition, Watch Dogs*

* These games don't do 1080p on PS4 either, but are still higher resolution on the PS4 than on the Xbox.

Comment PS4 (Score 2) 374

Get the PS4... It's the faster machine, can run games at a higher resolution, and has a bunch of exclusives purely by dint of the developers not being able to make it work fast enough on the Xbox. There's something like 100 more games available for it.

Comment Re:Paris terrorists used regular SMS (Score 1) 291

You're missing the point. The point is that even when the super sekrit spy agencies have access to all the unencrypted data, they can't use it to prevent these attacks (as demonstrated that they failed to use it here).

So what does removing encryption buy us:
    The super sekrit spy agencies can in theory read it, but they also can't manage to use it effectively.
    Criminals can potentially hack Google/Apple and gain access to my messaging history, and personal information, allowing them to steal all kinds of my things.

That's not a good pay off. The only way that there would be some pay off worth considering is if the spy agencies could actually use this information to prevent the attacks, and even in that case, the pay of is deeply questionable - identity fraud happens orders of magnitude more often than terrorist attacks, and can completely ruin people's lives. Making identity fraud easier for the pay off of occasionally preventing a terrorist attack doesn't sound like a reasonable pay off to me.

Comment Re:"just" an implementation of what Android/Google (Score 4, Informative) 131

The Android API is some thousands of functions. Android and Google already implemented that API on top of Linux . I don't see any fundamental reason that a company with Microsoft's resources -couldn't- implement the same API as follows:

Android.textbox.Draw(blah, x, y) {
                Winforms.textbox.Draw(x, y, blah);

Simple... Android.textbox.Draw, and Winforms.textbox.Draw usually don't have the exact same semantics. In fact, usually the APIs are structurally different. Often there simply isn't analagous functionality on one or other platform.

Furthermore, even if you somehow magically managed to make all of that work out properly, you'd still be stuck with a bunch of functionality that's subtly different. The behaviour of the controls is subtly different, and that can make or break the functionality of an application.

Comment Re:A better idea (Score 1) 284

That wouldn't solve the problem here.

The problem is not that there isn't a law about prevailing wage - there is. The problem is that the prevailing wage of generic IT consultants is low, while the prevailing wage of highly skilled software engineering specialists is high. The outsourcing companies are hiring moderately skilled software engineering specialists, into generic IT consulting roles at generic IT consulting prevailing wages. They are then selling services to other companies and displacing the highly skilled software engineering specialists.

The correct solution is to require that when an H1B's services are contracted out to another company, their wage must be at or above the prevailing wage for a generic IT consultant *and* at or above the wage of the job they are doing for the company they're being contracted to.

Then it will cease to be profitable for these outsourcing companies to hire in the indians.

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