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Comment: I hope no one believe that is true (Score 2) 119

by beefoot (#49226825) Attached to: CIA Tried To Crack Security of Apple Devices
I really hope no one believe what the article says. The government wants all of us to believe that we're safe and secured by the overreaching NSA. All USA government needs is to ask apple (or any companies) to disclose their encryption scheme. It is far cheaper and more effective than trying to hack or crack anything, don't you think?

Comment: public folders (Score 1) 175

by beefoot (#48938953) Attached to: Microsoft Launches Outlook For Android and iOS
I have used built-in and other mail clients on android. For the most part they are OK for emails. Contacts / Calendar works relatively well though I much prefer my personal contacts are totally separated from my work contacts. However, when comes to public folders, which my company makes use of, would be a god send if outlook client on android supports it.

Comment: comes in handy (Score 1) 98

by beefoot (#48850939) Attached to: Shanghai Company 3D Prints 6-Story Apartment Building and Villa
I don't think it is necessary to print the freaking 5 storey building -- especially right in the city where building materials are readily available. One could do it does not mean one should do it.

It may comes in handy and cheaper when one is to "print" a house in a remote location: arctic, remote islands, etc.

Comment: Re:what's wrong with the process (Score 1) 319

by beefoot (#48775333) Attached to: MI5 Chief Seeks New Powers After Paris Magazine Attack
Right -- combing one's behaviour for his/her criminal intent is so 70's. The big data today could determine if someone will be a criminal/terrorist when the person hasn't even born yet. That way pregnancy could be terminated ahead of time and we will enjoy world peace every single day.

Comment: what's wrong with the process (Score 1) 319

by beefoot (#48774519) Attached to: MI5 Chief Seeks New Powers After Paris Magazine Attack
In most developed countries -- law enforcement could get a hold of what they want by simply getting a court order. If they want to tap into my phone line, as long as they could justify that in front of a judge, they will get it. If they suspect person X has a tie to a terrorist organization, why not get a court order to spy the shit out of this person. What's wrong with this process?

Comment: different subscription model (Score 1) 415

by beefoot (#48557357) Attached to: Microsoft's New Windows Monetization Methods Could Mean 'Subscriptions'
Since when /. pay for windows? Do you think MS would go with buying a $299 laptop with a $10/month subscription? They may go with 2 year subscription free. After that, your computer would stop getting updates. But if you pay $x (either a monthly or annual fee), you are getting windows as well as onedrive, skype, ms office, etc. I think this model works. I never paid a penny to MS directly until I saw the offer on office 365. I couldn't resist even it does not worth the money for MS office alone, but combined with unlimited onedrive, skype, etc, I bit.

Comment: our hiring keywords (Score 1) 574

by beefoot (#48310999) Attached to: The Great IT Hiring He-Said / She-Said
I don't remember I've hired anyone screened by HR. HR requires the job description and skill set written down in a way they could digest. When I hire people, I'm less concern about people's skill matching what's on the job description, but more concern about the person's knowledge in general, ability to adapt to changing environment, and whether a fit to the group. I don't know how to write these criteria down in the job description.

I intentionally created really detailed job description/requirements which I don't think HR could find anyone matches the requirements. To my surprise, they found 2 individuals which their skill-sets on their resumes match the requirements.

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