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Comment: Re:Blackberry - only vendor serious about security (Score 1) 67

by beefoot (#47289709) Attached to: BlackBerry Back In Profit
> Blackberry is the only major vendor serious about security and encryption.

They are serious about security or compression? I think it was latter. Compression was necessary to minimize data usage. Back in the days where GPRS was considered extremely FAST. They needed compression to make communication on their device bearable. I think security was an after thought. Just my opinion.

Having said that, a BB10 is not much different comparing to other smart phones in term of how it is retrieving webpages, emails, etc.

Comment: bad vs good quality (Score 2) 431

by beefoot (#47256919) Attached to: Chinese-Built Cars Are Coming To the US Next Year
The reason why bad quality stuffs are coming out of China is because either consumers demand lower price stuffs or companies demand higher profit. If you want good quality stuffs, you got to pay higher. A vacuum cleaner used to cost me $500. I can't even find one that is more than $150 at wal-mart the last time I checked. Anyone thinks they could get away with selling their cheap quality products at high price quarter after quarter, year after year, they are delusional.

Comment: master random list (Score 1) 323

by beefoot (#47202375) Attached to: iOS 8 Strikes an Unexpected Blow Against Location Tracking
Apple probably uses a logic to generate the random mac address depending on time of day, etc. Unfortunately, while advertisers may not be able to track the owner of the phone that easy anymore, I'm sure the law enforcement has a copy of the logic to reverse engineer to find the owner of the phone. Having said that though, I'm sure the law enforcement has other tools at their disposal to track one down. I think the better solution is to use TASKER to disable automatically when leaving the home/workplace and re-enable it when entering home/workplace. It works surprisingly well. Ya, I'm aware that tasker does not run on IOS. The choice is still yours though -- android or not android.

Comment: Re:Need to be able to use without looking at it (Score 2) 148

For people like myself with accent:

me: ok google, please lower the temperature
google: yes sir, your car is shifted down to 2nd gear
me: no don't do that. I'm driving at 140kmph
google: yes sir, sit tight. the car will accelerate to 140mph
me: not mile per hour
google: sorry sir i don't understand
me: I gave up. stop listening to me
google: yes sir, I will stop the car now. Please ensure the seat belt is on. You're travelling at 140mph.
me: (me on the way to heaven) thank you google

Comment: Re:"Officially," eh? (Score 1) 386

by beefoot (#46832707) Attached to: iPad Fever Is Officially Cooling
Interpreting your own numbers: Q1 2013 22.9 Q2 2013 19.5 That is a drop of 14.8% Q1 2014 26 Q2 2014 16.35 That is a drop of 37.1% The rate has down more than double from Q1 to Q2 between 2013 and 2014. I am no financial analyst, judging my these rates, the fever is *not* officially cooling, but freezing cold to me. I don't hate AAPL -- I am not their target audience. As an investor, I do benefit from AAPL for continuing milking the uninformed. Cheers.

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