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Comment Re:No Experience? (Score 2, Insightful) 486

Jesus, Thank you!! I'm so sick in tired of these "go fuck yourself" flaming answers to valid questions! Has anyone thought that maybe, JUST maybe, if forums like this were "on a whole" a bit more compassionate and helpful and less filled with this geek bully bullshit talk that, that might help the adoption of open source software? In my opinion, if I was a "newbie" and I read responses like "Ideal Linux system for newbies? I recognize the words, but together they make no sense." would tell me that this linux shit is still in a hobby tinker state and I might not want to use it because I need to actually get work done. And posting questions on forums like this is more likely to lower my self-esteem than provide me with a helpful answer. We all know linux is not in a "hobby tinker state", but stop and think about how responses like that come ac crossed to others? If we all want linux to be adopted by the masses and dare I say it, "user" friendly, start with yourself and be friendly. I know I'm opening myself up to get flamed too but fuck it. I can take it from you social retards. Just wipe the pizza grease off your fat little fingers before you start typing.

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