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Comment: Re:"controversial" broadband plan? (Score 1) 67 67

Hahah. Really? You are comparing 30 metres of cable manufactured to Cat 5e standards in a clean dry environment to kilometres of twisted pair wires buried in the ground 30 years ago with multiple connections where it's just twisted together sitting in pits full of water with plastic bags as moisture protection?

You are either a troll or ignorant. I'll leave the world to judge.

Comment: Re:"controversial" broadband plan? (Score 1) 67 67

To bloody right!

$25B for FTTN which will be limited to 25Mb/s by that ancient, expensive to maintain, copper. When Netflix (30% of US evening internet traffic) expects to be streaming 34Mb/s hidef video by 2014. How is that making good use of the spending and enabling Australia for the future?

Better to spend the $50B ($70B..whatever) up front on FTTH now and be good for the next 50 years.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 304 304

The US can imprison, torture, or kill without legal comeback in most of the world,...

As a non-US citizen, fuck off!

The US has to comply with local laws in most of the world. They only get away with it in the couple of countries they have destroyed and the one that's too busy fighting itself to seriously object.

Comment: Re:Ah, paranoia (Score 1) 746 746

I was under the impression that politicians wanted to ban them cause each time you pull that assault rifle trigger a person dies and you can pull the trigger VERY fast.

Lot less dead people if the next person to go postal is carrying a bolt action rifle. And very few casualties if they are carrying a knife.

Sure people kill people, but they are much better at it when they have a gun.

"There is such a fine line between genius and stupidity." - David St. Hubbins, "Spinal Tap"