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+ - Are LG Smart TV's Spying On Their Owners?

Submitted by beamdriver
beamdriver (554241) writes "While playing with his LG Smart TV, DoctorBeet, a UK computer enthusiast, stumbled across the fact that the device was silently logging what channels he was watching and sending that data back to the South Korean company so it could better target him with advertisements.

After analyzing network traffic, DoctorBeet concluded that his TV was reporting information about his viewing habits back to LG regardless of whether he had the system option "Collection of watching info" enabled or not."

Comment: Re:Profit (Score 4, Insightful) 227

The building would need extensive renovation for it to be suitable for use.

Chief among these would be the addition of central air conditioning, but I would assume that a building that old would also need a good deal of electrical and structural work, asbestos removal, etc.

At this time, the ads bring in more revenue than rent would, so there's no reason to invest the money.

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