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Submission Zombie Alert Hoax: Emergency Broadcast System Hacked->

bdrees writes: Emergency alert: zombies are rising up in Montana.
"Civil authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living. Follow the messages onscreen that will be updated as information become available. Do not attempt to approach or apprehend these bodies as they are considered extremely dangerous."

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Comment Education (Score 2) 189

I tend to believe that its a difference in education between the generations. I know the vocabulary in my family is completly different in the older generations of my family. Half the time my teenagers dont understand the conversations when my grandparents are around, and there always asking "what did they mean" later on.

Comment Re:This got in here how exactly? (Score 2) 200

Well, I too, am one of those old timers that faced tough times, for me it was almost 10 years ago I lost my great job, the difference is I chose to stay in the field for the experience instead of claiming unemplyment or flipping burgers, the down side, was I was paid about the same as a burger jockey. About a year ago, I finally got the oppertunity for another great job that landed in my career path, and am now reaping the benefits.
My point to this story, while it may sound like gloating (its not), is that I believe its about the choices we make durning the difficult times. History has proven that NO job is stable, plan ahead and dont rely on anyone else!
I'm absolutly with you on the cheap fodder being produced now days (I work with too many of them), and they just dont have the attitude of creating their career, they do what they can to get by, and thats about it. But that is their choice, they will have to deal with their consequences down the road.

Comment Re:This got in here how exactly? (Score 1) 200

Thats funny, just yesterday I read on /. about how IT jobs were moving back to the US because of demand and salaries were trending back up...
IT Salaries Edge Up Back To 2008 Levels


Submission If you think you can ignore IPv6, think again.->

wiredmikey writes: It’s official. The IANA(Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) this week allocated the last IP address blocks from the global IPv4 central address pool.

While the last IPv4 addresses have been allocated, it’s expected to take several months for regional registries to consume all their remaining regional IPv4 address pool.

The IPv6 Forum, a group with the mission to educate and promote the new protocol, says that enabling IPv6 in all ICT environment is not the end game, but is now a critical requirement for continuity in all Internet business and services going forward.

Experts believe that the move to IPv6 should be a board-level risk management concern, equivalent to the Y2K problem or Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. During the late 1990s, technology companies worldwide scoured their source code for places where critical algorithms assumed a two-digit date. This seemingly trivial software development issue was of global concern, so many companies made Y2K compliance a strategic initiative. The transition to IPv6 is of similar importance.

If you think you can ignore IPv6, think again.

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Submission Spyware Gangs Merging, Planning 'Supertrojans'->

Velcroman1 writes: Security experts warn that a new "supertrojan" is lurking in the cyber shadows, which may make ordinary viruses seem as harmless as the common cold. The two most forbidding pieces of spyware on the Net have James Bond-worthy names: SpyEye and ZeuSTwo. Once competing tools for cybercrooks, now they’re teaming up to form a hybrid being hailed as SpyZeuS — and security analysts warn companies and users to be on their guard. "Conventional security solutions will find it hard to detect and handle this type of new threat," wrote fraud expert Aviv Raff on his blog.
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