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Comment: No media coverage? (Score 1) 961

by bdevoe (#37532400) Attached to: Conflict Between Occupy Wall Street Protestors and NYPD Escalating
The mainstream media (MSM) is actually covering this. On CNN's page this afternoon in the US section, I saw the following:
* Experts scale Monument for repairs
* Wall Street protests enter 11th day
* Interrupting the cycle of teen violence
* Signs young Christians not waiting
* Skateboarding for cancer
* Walt Disney's story: American Dream
* Translating Shakespeare into... lolz?
Seems to me that the article linked from "Wall Street protests enter 11th day" might actually be coverage of the affair. No, it's not the lead story - sadly, that's the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor. Whether it's the pepper spraying (which did seem completely unwarranted based on the videos I saw) or just that it's hit 11 days now, it does appear that at least SOME MSM is covering the story (okay - the main news network in the country). The issue they face is one of communicating their goals. I think they need to get organized and actually have something cogent to communicate to reporters. If the protesters can get *that* sorted out, they may actually get some real discussion on the issue. But expecting *action* is completely different - kinda like hoping unicorns will come deliver chocolate rainbows to your house.

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