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Christmas Cheer

Submission + - SPAM: Christmas gifts for men

An anonymous reader writes: Best Christmas Gifts for Men that can make him happy. Men are often quite difficult to buy a gift but xmas gifts for men can please them. Get the best available Christmas presents for him who mean a lot to you, be it your dad, brother, husband, boyfriend or your son with the Christmas gifts for men
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Submission + - Man crushed by server (

bcraigen writes: The The Australian Newspaper has a story about a man who died after computer equipment fell on him while it was being unloaded.

Ambulance Victoria said the 60-year-old man died at the scene, just after 3pm (AEDT) on Tuesday.

"It appears the man was helping others unload a large computer server from the back of a truck," an ambulance officer.

"The equipment has started to slip from a forklift and it appears that the man has tried to stop it.

"It has then fallen on him and he has suffered critical head and chest injuries."

Workmates applied CPR before fire crews and paramedics arrived but the man died a short time later.

A WorkSafe spokesman said the equipment weighed 200kg and fell from a height of two metres.

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