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Comment: Re:Educational environment (Score 1) 434

by bbk (#32303400) Attached to: Most Useful OS For High-School Science Education?

FYI, Apple's netboot environment coupled with something like DeployStudio is far easier than trying to get PXE booting set up - it's pretty much plug and play with an OS X server.

While your application availability probably dictates what platforms you can use, don't write off Apple because their deployment strategy is different.

Comment: OS X Server + method of your choice (Score 4, Informative) 460

by bbk (#29498453) Attached to: Large-Scale Mac Deployment?

Apple has a robust remote installation suite with OS X Server, which is darn cheap compared to most other commercial offerings.

10.6 includes a first party version of NetRestore (full system image deployment, similar to Ghost or Flash Archive on Solaris), but most people deploying across a large number of systems should roll their own images with packaged based tools like DeployStudio or InstaDMG:

Some other good sites for finding info:

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