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Comment: Re:Of course they can (Score 1) 71

by bbeagle (#49423535) Attached to: Has the Bitcoin Foundation Run Out of Cash?
'Everyone' does NOT know about bitcoins. Just had a discussion with several 'normal' 30-something friends a few weeks ago.... talking about how to pay for something online - credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid cards, gift cards, etc. Then I joked 'what about using bitcoins?' Every one of them asked 'What are bitcoins?' A few heard the term before, but most did not.

Comment: Re:Lion is so secure it tells Apple everything (Score 1) 204

by bbeagle (#37078720) Attached to: Apple's Unlikely Security Mentor: Microsoft
What you said is true, but your conclusion is completely wrong. To say simply, 'I did like macs but now I will not touch them or anything else Apple makes' is a crazy conclusion to make from something you misinterpreted. The 'App Store' is an application installed on your OS X computer. This application downloads apps from Apple. This application only downloads apps to the Applications folder. So, therefore the APP STORE APPLICATION knows what you have installed and do not have installed to the APPLICATIONS FOLDER ONLY. Try this: Purchase an app from the App Store. Now move it to another folder on the system. It still runs - there's no requirement for applications to reside in the Applications folder. Now the App Store Application thinks your purchased app is no longer installed on your system - even though it is, just somewhere else. This is all done inside the APPLICATION, with no data going to Apple. The only thing Apple knows about is that your Apple ID purchased the particular app. Apple has no clue whether it is actually installed on your system, and the App Store Application has no clue either - just whether or not it's where it put it in the first place. Now tell me again how your conclusion makes any sense.

Comment: What a leap (Score 3, Interesting) 127

by bbeagle (#36463224) Attached to: Facebook Taking On Apple?
The real story: Facebook is developing web pages (using HTML 5) that will work inside the Safari browser on iOS devices. Just like on a PC/Mac desktop, the 'new' web pages will allow the using of Facebook apps (like farmville) inside iOS. Ok, I guess you can spin it either way: (a) Facebook improving itself to work the same on iOS as on desktops. (TRUE) (b) Facebook will have 'apps' working on the phone without being downloaded by the app store. (HALF TRUE - only apps that can be run within a browser within the HTML 5 specs, with the shortcomings of 3G data speeds and limited bandwidth, and can't use features of the phone not available through the browser like the camera).

Comment: Re:4 1 (Score 2) 113

by bbeagle (#36424978) Attached to: AI Takes On Pac-Man
It's not that simple. The rules for the ghosts are different from Pac man. Pac man can change directions at any time, while the ghosts can only make decisions at intersections, and cannot go backwards. When the ghosts get to an intersection, they only have 3 possible directions to go. Pac Man, on the other hand has 4 possible directions to go (including backwards), and can do this at any time, not just intersections.

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