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Comment Re:Sugar isn't that bad (Score 2) 655

Sucrose is a glucose and a fructose molecule joined together, which are split by an digestive enzyme. The body will metabolise the fructose part of sucrose directly into fat - it's the only way it can metabolise it. Insulin isn't involved in fructose metabolization although is, of course, used in the glucose part of the process.

Comment "Leverage" Seriously? (Score 4, Informative) 339

Ddd someone just use the word 'leverage' in a article title? Surely not! And what are those silly stock photos all about? I'm not sure I recognise the model of computer in the linked article.

Comment Re:Anonymous Coward (Score 1) 172

Many zoom lenses curve the field the opposite way when zoomed all the way in. Most lenses have barrel distortion when zoomed out and pincushion distortion when zoomed in. There'll probably be somewhere between where the field is flat. A few experimental shots of a grid will quickly find this out. Here's some examples from SLR lens reviews: (there's many more on that site) Smaller compact cameras lenses often show hugely higher field distortion than decent SLR lenses.

Comment Re:Maybe the UK can tax these (Score 2, Interesting) 504

You jest but the UK used to have a mobile tax - at least for business accounts. It was introduced in 1991 by the then Conservative Chancellor of the exchequer Norman Lamont. This tax was repealed in 1999 by then Labour Chancellor (and now of course prime minister) Gordon Brown. One of his better decisions to cut taxes on an enabling technology.

Comment Can be used as a bridge too (Score 1) 110

One of the great features of netem is that it isn't restricted to being used on a router. If you bridge two network interfaces together you can essentially use netem to make a device which looks like a faulty link. This can be plugged and unplugged [or routed using a VLAN infrastructure] into anywhere in your network without reconfiguration of any IP details on the machines under test.

Journal Journal: Orkut quietly removes https login

When I tried to access my Orkut account on Monday morning, I got an "Unable to Connect" message. I just assumed that they were having some temporary problems. When I couldn't login on Tuesday, I thought maybe the company had tightened down the firewall, so I tried later that evening from home with the same result. So I did a Google search to see if anything had been reported, and found a Wikipedia entry. Other than that, it seems very few people noticed this security problem.

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