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Comment: Re:Lots of evidence for higher frame rates (Score 1) 521 521

I'm surprised that as an ex-LED-backlight designer, you state:

The reason I say 'the only good way' is because LED's are constant-current devices and all the drivers I'm familiar with are all designed around that, so you can't just go varying the voltage to try and dim them: the drivers aren't really voltage devices.

LED are Light Emitting Diodes. Diodes function as a switch- once you reach and surpass the 'turn on' voltage, the brightness of the diode remains constant. The only option is to apply the voltage to the diode as a wave.

Comment: Re:Steam (Score 1) 731 731

Try it. Block the outbound port connecting to Steam. What? You mean you can't play your game without phoning home? I thought if the servers were taken offline, you could play?
Never rely on a promise to protect your rights. For all you know, they could go under, get sold to a new owner in bankruptcy court and the new owner could shut off the servers but not give up the licenses.

Comment: Re:The Ammendment (Score 1) 767 767

Shockingly wrong. You can invoke your right to not self-incriminate on a question by question basis. Otherwise, stating your name for the record would be waiving your 5th amendment right. Granted, I don't disagree with being compelled to give up encrypted files. I think a better comparison is showing them the shed where the bodies are buried, then refusing to give them the key. In this case, the cops can't use bolt cutters, so it is reasonable to compel you to provide the files.

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