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Comment: Depends on the Java instance... (Score 1) 201

by bastard01 (#42625527) Attached to: The status of Java on my machine:
Browser plugin is disabled on my system, however as someone who has written Android apps and continues to use Eclipse to work on my Computer Science degree... I still instantiate my fair share of Java classes on my computer. I am definitely more of a fan of the brewed version of java rather than Java the programming language or the VM environment that is called Java.

Comment: Re:They are both platform agnostic. (Score 2, Insightful) 117

by bastard01 (#31586718) Attached to: Recommendations For C++/OpenGL Linux Tutorials?
How about something from the 25th lesson? The implementation of CreateGLWindow() is very windows specific, and from what I've looked at, there doesn't seem to be a tutorial for a Linux/X11 nor a SDL specific implementation, they do have GLUT for OS X and Solaris.. However, actually creating a window and polling for key input is very platform-specific with NeHe's tutorials, which may be why the OP was asking for tutorials specific to Linux.

Comment: Re:The bigger story is yet to come (Score 1) 456

by bastard01 (#9801748) Attached to: Real Networks Hacks iPod; .rm & Real Store for iPod
If everyone tried selling plain MP3s, the Record Companies, wouldn't deal with that crap. They want to make sure that if there is online sales of their property, that there is at least some level of protection, so that the buyer doesn't immediately send it on P2P networks. I mean, I like the idea, myself, it just isn't realistic. Of course I would prefer if they used, if any codec with DRM, they could at least use something like FLAC with DRM built-in, and have something in AAC for those on dial-up.

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