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Portables (Apple)

+ - Australia's Telstra to release iPhone 3G

Submitted by base2_celtic
base2_celtic writes: Telstra, the largest 2G and 3G mobile carrier in Australia, has announced that it will carry the Apple iPhone 3G on its "Next-G" network.

More information can be found at their launch page[], which seems to be a "me too" copy of the existing Vodaphone and Optus (SingTel) launch pages.

This is big news for Australia, because Telstra offers coverage to rural and regional Australia via the Next-G network. There were entire states that Vodaphone and Optus had no way of covering.

+ - Safari for Windows security patch released

Submitted by base2_celtic
base2_celtic writes: MacInTouch [] reports that Apple has released an updated version of Safari for Windows. The update addresses issues CVE-2007-3186, CVE-2007-3185 and CVE-2007-2391.

The update can be obtained via Apple's Software Update mechanism, or directly from the Safari download site [].

The release notes on MacInTouch don't credit anyone with the discovery of the issues, but the notes say that Apple is actively seeking security input:

As with all our products, we encourage security researchers to report issues to

+ - SpaceX Falcon launched, but telemetry lost

Submitted by base2_celtic
base2_celtic writes: The SpaceX Falcon rocket (and its second stage, Kestrel) both fired successfully this morning. Lift-off occurred at 0110 GMT, with the Kestrel second stage firing at T + 2 mins 52 secs.

However, telemetry from the second stage was lost at T + 5 mins 5 secs.

SpaceFlight Now [] is running a live feed of information as it comes to hand.

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