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Comment Re:Flash (Score 1) 665

All browser vendors have a way to contact Adobe and report bugs and whatnot. The Flash related lock-ups have been happening for a long time now and I'm pretty sure it's the #1 reason people are moving to Chrome.

Saying that it's Flash's fault won't mean anything to the average user. They'll see a site lock up in FF and see the same site work fine in Chrome and that's all that will matter.

Comment Re:Make the best browser (Score 1) 555

You are confusing WebGL with acceleration of the web page rendering done in IE, FF and Chrome. They are completely different things. WebGL is an API web devs can use to draw 3D stuff.

Hardware acceleration is all done under the hood and doesn't use WebGL (it uses DirectX or OpenGL and is not called in any way by the web developer.

Comment Re:Still got issues.... (Score 1) 554

I had some GUI issues when I used it with my FF3.6 profile. I created a new profile and imported the old one's bookmarks and everything worked.

To create a new profile, run it from the command line like this:

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -profilemanager

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