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Comment Re:At what point... (Score 1) 594 594

Yes, because all serial killers can all spell very well...


Your story is backwards anyway. If a mugger comes up and tells you to give him your money in a very uneducated tongue it's much more likely (at least, it seems to me) that he would be liable to do something stupid, whereas someone who is clearly very learned will most likely think before stabbing someone for $20.

Comment Re:And "From Dust" (Score 2) 261 261

This is one of the games that I was really looking forward to, but I'm not going to support "always connected" DRM. Thankfully I looked it up and it appears that the decision for this game has been reversed.
*Check the update

Unfortunately the reversal only went part-way. Apparently the game will still phone-home on launch, though, which is basically as bad.

Yeah, I'm not buying it.

Comment Re:Welcome to the internet. (Score 2) 175 175


* Type /sign for your IRC star-chart reading

* Type +++ for your 1200 baud modem speed doubler

Also, since you're new to the club I'd like to offer you a leech account on our private warez site - use your existing login name and password when you ftp to

Quit giving away my warez hosting site! I told you to keep that a secret.

Comment Re:Solving != best solution (Score 2) 139 139

The headline claims they can "solve" any Rubik's cube, but who cares? You can solve it just by performing random moves.

The import part is NOT solving it, it's that they can do it in the minimum number of moves.

Can you prove that?

Hint: Random moves has a number of infinite move cases that never get solved.

Comment Re:Preventing a murder-by-cop. (Score 1) 203 203

a) From the article: "Got a cute 'Hostage' huh," Valdez wrote of the photographs. Not to mention other comments, but that should be enough.

b) Also from the article: "Well i was lettin this girl go but these dumb bastards made an attempt to come in after i told them not to, so i popped off a couple more shots and now were startin all over again it seems....."

Comment Who? (Score 2) 124 124

The summary (and later in the article):

He lost the use of his left hand after being electrocuted at work.

The article:

The patient, a Serbian national who has lived in Austria since childhood, suffered injuries to a leg and shoulder when he skidded off his motorcycle and smashed into a lamppost in 2001 while on holiday in Serbia.

Milo used a hybrid hand before deciding on the operation
While the leg healed, what is called a "brachial plexus" injury to his right shoulder left his right arm paralysed. Nerve tissue transplanted from his leg by Professor Aszmann restored movement to his arm but not to his hand.

I don't get it. Are they talking about two different people in the same article? They seem to be referencing the same person, but for some reason writing two articles on the same page about it.

I'm confused, I think.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 146 146

Boo hoo, cry me a river. There's enough profit incentive in lending that they'll figure something out.

That was the next paragraph.

If it became illegal to use SSNs for this purpose, then everyone would get lumped in the same risk pool. People who are good about paying their bills on time would see their rates and fees go up. People who are deadbeats and delinquents would see their rates and fees go down. Pretty obviously, that'd be bad for the economy as a whole.

I agree with what he said, and really REALLY don't want to be an anonymous lender (lendee?).

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