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Comment: Re:I bet Infosys and Tata are dancing in the stree (Score 5, Insightful) 186

Seriously - the two biggest (ab)users of the H1B system are Tata and Infosys... and they're both Indian corporations.

{rant}I guess in fairness to Obama, he managed to screw both blue and white-collar workers in one fell swoop...{/rant}

Anyone know the lobbyist money trail for this bit of it, or can I safely guess Microsoft, Apple, Google, Intel, etc... ?

Hard time following this. The potential 4.7 million people contribute billions to the economy and without them we'd tank again. I heard the same screwing the american worker and milking entitlements myths repeatedly. It puts me in mind of what one commentator once referred to as "Factoids", arguments which have no truth at all, but people repeat over and over in hopes they will become true. Well, some of that is working, because some people are believing these tales as truths and would happily cut their own throats (mustard and onion extra) to act on these fantasies.

Tech, agriculture, service industries, foot services, etc. all benefit from the well behaved illegals. And we, the people who buy goods or services from these people benefit, as well. It's a mystery to me that so much untruth is accepted these days. I figure it began with Rush Limbaugh and is now carried out by hundreds of others since, who wind up people for profit. Nothing seems to sell like telling people what they need to fear and whom they need to loath.

+ - Rosetta's "Ambition": science fact meets sci-fi

Submitted by Trapezium Artist
Trapezium Artist writes: The European Space Agency has released a cool short science-fiction film called "Ambition" to help build the excitement and engagement as the Rosetta mission is just weeks away from making the first ever attempt to land on a comet.

Made by Polish VFX and film house, Platige Image, directed by Oscar-nominated Tomek Baginski, and starring Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones) and Aisling Franciosi (Jimmy's Hall), "Ambition" was filmed in Iceland and shows a Master and Apprentice transforming the desolate landscape into a giant solar system, in search of answers to fundamental questions about humankind.

The film revolves around key human traits of being adaptable, ambitious, and willing to take risks in reaching for the stars. In much the same way, Rosetta has become the first mission to rendezvous with a comet, to escort it, and on 12 November, to attempt a soft-landing on one, all in search of clues as to the origin of Earth's water and complex organic materials.

Comment: A different path ...? (Score 1) 336

by OldHawk777 (#48086197) Attached to: Why the FCC Will Probably Ignore the Public On Network Neutrality

The U$ government, congress, politicians path for the last 40 years has clearly phucked US like prostitutes, without payment, reward, satisfaction, consideration, or even money to buy vibrator batteries. Eventually we will be a nation of illiterate, homeless, diseased, hungry ... People. When you trust a politician, cleric, plutocrat, or bigot you betray all US Folks.

Comment: Leon, Please shut-up. (Score 1) 425

by OldHawk777 (#48085981) Attached to: Former Department of Defense Chief Expects "30 Year War"

Leon Panetta IMO makes the same mistake that POTUS Chaney and vPOTUS Rove made in the GWB Whitehouse. Fear based analysis of your enemy is a flawed analysis.

Our enemy can be Sunni-wahhabist, Shia-shurh, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS ... or Russian, China, French, German hate-fanatics and terrorist .... Fear is the most lethal and dangerous weapon in their arsenal. Politicians, clerics, wannabes ... in the USA, that stress fear, are all chicken-little screaming for falling clouds.

The greatest military powers that have existed in the world for the past 200 years have not ended US or destroyed The Constitution of US, and very few have been able to injure US. Our enemies have great puffery as do our Politicians, clerics, wannabes ... in the USA, but actually they seek to rule US by fear. FEAR is just a four phucking letter word that has no value to US and our leadership, but does impress foolish enemies of US.

USA Politicians, clerics, wannabes ... need to grow-up and become leaders for US or they need to shut-the-phuck-up.

Comment: Many managers are incompetent decision makers. (Score 1) 371

by OldHawk777 (#47696593) Attached to: Companies That Don't Understand Engineers Don't Respect Engineers

Software, hardware, science, technology, scientist, engineers, troubleshooters ... internal employees are seldom respected as experts by insecure managers; Hence, managers will contract external resources to support their decisions. The managers’ expert outsourcing provides the point for blame-storming and career-building credits.

Comment: Re:so, I'm in the more than 8 yrs ago camp (Score 1) 391

by ackthpt (#47608167) Attached to: How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

I generally will upgrade some component(s) over that time frame. I built my first desktop back about 2000, using a Lian-Li case, which I still use (modular aluminum) the PSU has been upgraded 3 times, mobo 3 times, CPU 4 times, memory several times, video several times, storage several times and the OS twice.

Originally a 32 bit system with 256MB RAM and 1 80 GB HDD, it's now 64 bit, 6 cores, 32GB RAM, 256 GB SSD boot drive and 6TB RAID 5. Still screwing around with cheap video cards as I can do everything I need with a $49 card.

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