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+ - Inside Tech City: Huddle [VIDEO]->

Submitted by AlistairCharlton
AlistairCharlton (2525880) writes "In the first episode of Inside Tech City, Alistair Charlton visits Huddle to speak to co-founder and CEO Alastair Mitchell about how east London's startup cluster is different to the last tech bubble, and how the small companies based there have the potential to drive the country's economic recovery."
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Comment: Why not use VNC? (Score 1) 302

by barnetda (#28770411) Attached to: Collaborative Software For Pair Programming?

I've not seen any mention of this, but why not "VNC" to share a desktop?

I've used it frequently with distant co-workers to collaborate on why their environment is causing program breakage. Especially when I cannot duplicate the failure in my environment.

VNC allows "full access" as well as "read-only access" so you can control whether your classmate can access your stuff.

Comment: Profiling? (Score 4, Informative) 54

by barnetda (#16787867) Attached to: Remote Data Access Solutions?
I'm no network / data access guru, but this seems like a typical case of profile first, optimize later.

The idea is simple. Don't just go in and change stuff, first measure the pieces under typical load. Look where the bottle-neck is, address it, and move to the next bottle-neck. Repeat as often as needed.

Are you disk I/O bound? Buy faster disk / better controllers / spread the load over more machines / .....

Are you CPU bound? Is the CPU on your server spending so much time with I/O requests, that it has no cycles available to address additional requests? Buy more / faster / better CPUs.

Are you network bound? Which piece of the network is the hold-up? Your switch? Get a better / faster one. Your ISP? Get a fatter pipe.

Have you optimized all of these? What about setting up remote servers that are updated hourly/daily/weekly/whatever so the machine is close to the user network-wise for faster download speeds.

Some of the above adds complexity. Are you equipped to handle that complexity? Can you become equipped to handle it? If not, re-consider your options.

Hope this helps.


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