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Comment It's like VR, its the details... (Score 1) 279

The key to VR and stylii, is that they have to be not just good enough, they have to be extraordinary. And when they are, they will change the market. Until then, people will think no body wants Stylii, or VR, but that's probably not the case, they just can't put up with not quite good enough yet.

Comment PT + Car costs more than Car. (Score 1) 654

And that is still true over "free". It's too hard to see the gas cost. It is very easy to see the time, promptness, and privacy costs. Sometimes you see aggravation and alternate activity bonuses, but not enough to have "free" transportation remove a significant amount of current cars off the road. You need higher car costs, or more significant bonuses for taking the PT.

Comment Ads are not the problem, SEO is. (Score 1) 276

When I search, I don't mind ads. I mind malevolant ads. But I mind malevolant sites more. One is solveable. Generically the site that has the most to gain through advertising pays the most. And I generally benefit from those. But SEO is more insidious. They are trying to gain my attention from generally more appropriate sites by gaming the system. If the system is evolving correctly the best most appropriate sites get selected automatically. The major search sites recognize these things. Because if they stop providing relevant sites other sites will come along and become more relevant. I am not going to use your site if there are no ads. No ads means less relevant searches for me. The site with the most relevant search wins. Hands down. Everything else is meaningless.

Comment Re:Who cares about this guy? (Score 5, Interesting) 237

There are three main programs that beat grandmasters on rather modest computers. Stockfish (an open source project), Komodo (A private original product that largely uses more correct algorithms and internal scoring), and Houdini (a project built by largely extending Rybka). There was a large increase in strength a few years back over the standard programs that had to do with much improved "search" and better pruning. Rybka took those ideas along with improved board scoring and led the field with an entire class difference in strength (about 300 elo increase). The programs since have raised that by about another 150 or so points. It may be that we have reached near apex with these techniques. And it may be hard to get more "strength" but there are surely points to be discovered. I suspect it may be in exception handling. There is a big resistance to to that, the argument being that exceptions just mean you have yet to understand enough. I'm not entirely convinced. There is also a movement to be exploitive. Magnus Carlsen is the top player in the world, and he uses exploitive technique a lot. He seeks positions unmemorized to allow rawer talent to shine and is really successful with that technique. And many of the top players do this more and more. There is little of this in computer play.

Comment It's about raising the mean... (Score 3, Insightful) 271

When you hire tons of people especially quickly, you're going to have a lower mean of high quality people. Churn can be as stated, but also a common part of the industry, is to find a way of increasing the quality of your employees. Fire the worst, replace them with better. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes its about a body, any body, to move the ball forward. Then it's about getting better and better people. It's not just about training, it is still largely a talent based industry, where the majority of the progress is made by a minority of the people.

Comment What a none problem... (Score 1) 167

Solved by Google News, Trending Topics, Aware friends and followers, Flip Book, A collection of mainstream newsies for breaking news sites, mac rumors. Slashdot is about 24 hours behind many of the news stories that end up here. But you're just being lazy if you feel you need to goad others into providing you yet another news feed.

Comment Re:Flip the switch (Score 1) 247

If we are in a simulation, we are also subject to the "Clock" inside the simulation. It doesn't matter how fast or how slow the system is that is running it, so long as we cannot escape the clock we live with. This allows a complicated simulation to exist, even on crappy original hardware, because we run at sim-speed.

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