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Comment: Re:Trolling Douchebags (Score 1) 211

by barc0001 (#49690335) Attached to: FCC May Stop 911 Access For NSI Phones

The "cost effectiveness" he's talking about is that rather than hiring more 911 operators and emergency staff to handle the additional volume (and create jobs at the same time), they instead look at eliminating all calls from NSI phones to keep volumes manageable, at the cost of cutting some legitimate users of 911 out.

Comment: Re:Simple (Score 1) 156

by barc0001 (#49632591) Attached to: NASA Will Award You $5,000 For Your Finest Mars City Idea

So if you came down with cancer and the treatment had a 1% success rate you'd just not bother?

No offense, but Stephen Hawking thinks it's worth the bother, and some guy on Slashdot named itzly doesn't. I'm going to go with Hawking's recommendation

Comment: Re:Simple (Score 1) 156

by barc0001 (#49632037) Attached to: NASA Will Award You $5,000 For Your Finest Mars City Idea

Where should we build it? On the part of the continent that gets flattened by the impact, or the continent that gets turned to lava by the thermal shock? If you can build something that would allow a breeding population of humans to survive something even a fraction as bad as that I think it'll be far more expensive than a Mars colony.

Comment: Re:Battery life non-issue (Score 1) 113

Maybe that's because your standard for impressive is a little different than other peoples? The last watch I wore had a battery that lasted a couple of years. I find the idea of a watch that needs a weekly charge, let alone a daily charge to be abhorrent. MAYBE if it was a replacement for a cellphone I'd be all right with daily charging, but it's not even that. It's a little extension for those people for whom pulling their phone out of their pocket is too much of a bother.

Comment: Re:Sort of dumb. (Score 3, Insightful) 553

by barc0001 (#49614701) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'

Exactly right. I'm a year younger than you and I've been a "digital native" since I was playing around with my TI-99/4a and converting programs in Byte magazine to TI-basic in 1981. Far too many of these millennial "digital natives" are about as deep as a kiddy pool. They've used one or two technologies that work for them and that's it. Hammer-nail syndrome.

Comment: Re:Sort of dumb. (Score 1) 553

by barc0001 (#49614571) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'

Unless you work in a company that has any sort of data ownership oversight and rules that they need to follow, like HIPAA compliance. Then EC2 and similar cloud providers are absolutely verboten because to be compliant you have to own the environment end to end. Which means you need to roll your own, or in other instances run on bare metal to maximize bang for buck. Then you need hardware knowledge once again.

"the cloud" has been promising to kill customer premise data centers forever. "the cloud" never will. For web based businesses perhaps, but there are a ton of non-web based systems in many to most companies that will never leave the premise.

Comment: Re:This again? (Score 1) 480

by barc0001 (#49596107) Attached to: New Test Supports NASA's Controversial EM Drive

Nice snark. Explain why they're still seeing observed results in testing then. The latest test in a vacuum chamber is the interesting one as a lot of people expected it to fail as they surmised the other teams were observing thrust from convection. Now that it has succeeded, things look exciting. Obviously it doesn't violate the physical laws of the universe, but it's also apparent nobody knows WHY it works just yet. More study is needed.

Comment: Re:This never works (Score 1, Funny) 304

by barc0001 (#49548005) Attached to: Microsoft, Chip Makers Working On Hardware DRM For Windows 10 PCs

Of course they care. You're supposed to buy it on DVD/BR to watch on your TV, then buy another copy in iTunes/Play to use on your tablet. Duh! You just cost them a sale with your tricksy format shifting ways. Won't someone think of the poor entertainment execs who have to slash their coke and hookers budget due to piracy like yours?

Comment: Re: Figures (Score 1) 368

by barc0001 (#49539603) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users

>If you leave insecure connections open for XP clients, you are leaving insecure connections open for anyone as it's likely trivial for the client to say "Yeah, i'm using XP honest, gimme the insecure shit so I can hack away"

If you already own the client box, why are you bothering to listen in to their iTunes connection? Surely you can do something far more productive like mine for bitcoin or scan the hard drive for credit cards or encrypt pictures of their mistress and hold the decryption key for ransom or similar?

And a certificate expiring doesn't make the protocol stop working, but sure there would need to be a bit of extra code for XP in iTunes to allow the expired cert. Still doable.

Again, in this case it's largely a customer service question. And it seems Apple decided that it was easier just to cut off all their paying XP users than spend a modest amount of resources to accommodate them.

Comment: Re: Figures (Score 0) 368

by barc0001 (#49538111) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users

Sure, and why is that, exactly? Did some invisible sky wizard change the gravitational constant of the universe on any PC running XP or something? No. Apple updated their services to exclude those clients, probably to fix an SSL exploit by turning off older SSL protocols for all clients. If Apple really wanted to, they could have left that version of SSL running only for XP clients and updated iTunes to not use that protocol on any non-XP OS, but they didn't. Poor customer service if you ask me.

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