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Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 1) 260

> Too many companies and executives aren't satisfied with making a reasonable profit and keeping good people employed. Instead, they want to pursue unreasonable profit and goals

That's because the "companies" (boards) see others doing it and want their exciting slice of the pie so they hire executives to make it happen and give them bonuses for hitting target numbers. The execs will do whatever it takes to get their bonus because frankly they don't expect to be around in a couple of years anyway, so who cares if short term stretching for those targets ends up killing the company? And the analysts don't care because they're looking for stocks to perform quarter to quarter, not decade to decade.

As an aside, in the gaming space, these are the same clowns who are calling for Nintendo to give up on hardware and make software for other companies like Sega became. They don't understand or care that Nintendo has been in business for more than 100 years, sits on a decent pile of money and makes a killing on its other lines of product. No, no, see they had a couple of bad years, they're done, stick a fork in them. Maybe they can sell off their licenses for a quick cashflow boost to bump the stock! And then when they hit it out of the park like with the Wii, these same analysts "had complete faith in them"

Comment Re:VMWare whitebox heaven (Score 1) 167

Yeah that's part of the problem, but for some of our dev workloads we only use 2GB of RAM per VM but hammer the processor so this is a good niche fit. And Gigabyte's got some workstation boards that go to 64GB but also cost more so it's a trade off - and it's not a sure thing they'll support these chips. Obviously it's not for everyone.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 33

You have it backwards friend. Rocket League cars aren't iconic, but movie studios want to have their cars in the game as DLC. We've already seen the BTTF DeLorean released a couple of weeks ago and from what I can see playing other people a *lot* of people bought it.


Comment Re:A better idea (Score 1) 284

110%? No, still room to somehow game the "work study" that determines the salary. I say 150% or more, and the wage doesn't get paid from the employer to the H1-B, it goes through a government agency who collects that 150% and then passes the actual salary along, then takes the other chunk and puts it into a worker training program targeted at the shortage. We've seen in Canada ways that the Temporary Foreign Worker program can be abused in a similar fashion, and one of the better tricks was employers arranging housing for their workers and "helpfully" pre-deducting rent from their pay.

Comment Re:Damnit (Score 1) 311

You're an idiot, to put it bluntly. AMD is Intel's only semi - credible competition and if they go tits up you can look forward to paying $500 for a middle to low grade processor again like the 80s and 90s. It wasn't until AMD's K5 came along and was "good enough" for most business tasks that Intel started pricing competitively and it wasn't until the K6 (briefly) took the performance crown that Intel actually got scared. If AMD goes under, there is NOBODY who can step into the void they will create at current. Starting up a chip company isn't like opening a 7-11, it's an unbelievably expensive and complex undertaking, and most investors would be extremely gunshy to back a new company that intends to compete with Intel.

That means you can absolutely expect to pay double or even triple what you're currently paying for a processor and an nVidia card since if AMD is gone, so are the Radeon cards. The only place there would still be competition is in the tablet/phone space where a bunch of ARM manufacturers are established. And no, I doubt any of them would see the demise of AMD as an invitation to dance with Intel on the desktop.

Comment Re:redundancy (Score 1) 183

But what *I* am saying is if this outage happened with any other cable provider they would't give you any credit at all. I've had my cable down for DAYS without so much as an apology when it comes back up. Google's response here is orders of magnitude above what any other US provider will do and still people complain.

Comment Re:Just two days of service? (Score 1) 183

> Two day's worth of service is an insignificant credit compared to the loss, especially during a special event.

It's a lot more significant than any other US cable provider would give.

> Most providers of business IP transit have SLA credits available

I'm betting most providers of business IP charge a LOT more than $70 for a gigabit connection too. My god man, you're comparing apples to kumquats.

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