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Comment: Why not (Score 1) 554

by baomike (#37015288) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Self-Hosted Gmail Alternatives?

I have been doing it for years and it is not that big a deal once it is configured.
If you want to get fancy then it can be a problem.
We run courier (I wanted sendmail but lost ) using imap to our local net.
it runs on a local virtual machine and is pretty much maintenance free.
It can not be accessed from outside (the "fancy" part) and it has no spam filtering.
The jewel in this is the alias file. Untrustworthy sites (most) get a specific alias.
If I get spam with that I delete the alias.

Comment: Re:Prosperity, here we come... (Score 1) 136

by baomike (#36283394) Attached to: Facebook May Make Tiny Town a Data Center Mecca

You mean like Beaverton? (Intel)
Lots of towns in Oregon like that (a dying breed).
Most were dependent on a sawmill (sometimes a very large sawmill). Timber goes, town goes.
Sometimes there is a small town left, and sometimes they remove everything (Valsetz for instance).
Some were even company towns (the lumber company owned everything) Gilchrist OR. for instance.
Even Bend was a mill town, but it had a little more going for it (skiing, county seat) and didn't die out.

Comment: Re:I've been there (Score 1) 136

by baomike (#36282776) Attached to: Facebook May Make Tiny Town a Data Center Mecca

No hydro locally. There is a hydro project down stream where the Crooked, Deschutes and Metolious river join. Water around Prineville is for irrigation.
Even the small dam upstream might have problems. It was built using a method that is now considered suspect.
Electric power in the region come from the Columbia via BPA (Bonneville Power Administration).

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