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Comment: No kidding .. (Score 0) 185

by balise (#44591471) Attached to: FISC Chief Judge: We Can't Effectively Oversee the NSA

.. because Americans do not protest enough, despite the
effective monitoring and guidance being almost nil - of course,
it will continue. What will happen is that it will drag America down.

In particular, Germany is already adding ISP customers. But
it is more general than that. America used to be 'the best town'.

If that perception is no longer true, and, for instance, the
dollar goes down, there happens to be
a wider world ...

Comment: DCMA .. (Score 0) 259

by balise (#44533993) Attached to: Is 'Fair Use' Unfair To Humans?

Everyone was warned by folks like me that it was the dumbest idea of
all time. Now people seem to be entrammeled by the implications ...

[ And don't really notice that it was lawyers at
      Adobe et Al that did this to them. ]

EDUCATION. What the USA lacks ... plus, the inclination
to reward monopolization and big business. Jeez.

Comment: Re:I remember when... (Score 0) 134

by balise (#43992285) Attached to: The Trajectory of Television: A Big History of the Small Screen.

I'm as old as this guy I'm sure. And he's right but the thing isn't the TV, it's the economy, and the way people move in, and geography, and every other damn thing. Actually, although he elects to, there is NO possibility of avoiding the advance of technology. Other hand, we're all going to broil to death unless we start facing up to things as connected adults.

Old programmers never die, they just branch to a new address.