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+ - World's first 42" 1080p plasma reviewed

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An anonymous reader writes "Choosing between LCD and plasma for your next TV is a tough decision, but recently LCD has edged ahead by offering 1080p screens at smaller sizes; generally if you wanted a 1080p plasma, you were looking at 65" upwards! But now Panasonic has rewritten the rule book with a 42in 1920x1080p plasma that looks set to blow away the LCD competition, assuming you can afford it of course. 0/Panasonic-Viera-TH-42PZ700B-42in-Plasma-TV/p1"

+ - Comcast Terms Change: You Lose Right to Sue->

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dupeisdead writes "Thankfully I don't even have the option to use Comcast where I live, but this is troubling. Almost all companies "reserve the right to change the contract" blah blah blah, but very few people actually read that. Comcast wishes to change existing contract with customers... Why would Comcast need to change this provision, and would this actually hold up if it came to it?"
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