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Comment: Re:Think you may want to look at his logs (Score 2) 221

by baker_tony (#43009235) Attached to: Helena Airport Manager Blocks TSA From Taking Full-Body Scanner

I do the same when I go to America for work, not that I've been to America recently, avoid the place like the plague thanks to your TSA and revised visa bullshit (how many terrorists from New Zealand have attacked America again?!).
When I go to the UK I always go via Asia now as well, far more pleasant experience than via America and it's airports.
Anyway, rant over

Comment: Re:Ah, Let's Read the Whole Article, Shall We? (Score 1) 209

> looking at the high wind areas next to metropolises, you have to admit there's some low hanging fruit out there, yeah?

Um, typically metropolises aren't built next to high wind areas. Usually high wind areas are where people don't want to live.

Also, what happens when there's fine weather for a week... You just get people to switch everything off? You can't just turn off and on nuclear/thermal all the time.

Wind is OK when you can balance it with hydro power, otherwise, it's crap.

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