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Comment: Re:Silly season much (Score 3, Insightful) 131

by baka_toroi (#47448849) Attached to: Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction
This in in the first line. This is the second line. And this is the third line, with an empty line in between.

Except it's not, because Slashdot is a piece of shit and requires you to use the break html tag, which not everyone knows about. Maybe it's been fixed in Slashdot beta, I don't know.

Comment: Re:this is why my kids won't be coders (Score 1) 294

by baka_toroi (#47038211) Attached to: Fixing the Pain of Programming
Jesus fucking Christ, not this shit. What made your generation so special and great? Here's a hint: nothing. You were as mediocre (or as great!) as the current generation. I'm honestly getting sick of all these old farts thinking they were the shit when there's nothing particularly outstanding about them.

Yes, discipline is getting a bit behind. So what? We should focus on improving that, not just say "kids nowadays are dumb." Cutting down on social media, smartphones and porn will help. Don't you think we should focus on showing what impact abusing these things will have? For fucks sake, when I taught computers to old people I realized the have one of the shortest attention spans I've ever seen.

Comment: Re:There is (probably) no analog phone network any (Score 1) 218

by baka_toroi (#46134073) Attached to: FCC Wants To Trial Shift From Analog Phone Networks To Digital
Can't VoIP detect a fax/modem signal and avoid treating it like voice? For instance, the codec hears a fax handshake and then stops using lossy audio compression, or at least, lossy compression that doesn't destroy all data.

I see there's a standard, T.38 ( I wonder if it's already implemented in VoIP services, and if it isn't, why they don't do it.

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