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Comment: Re:Weren't they trying to merge with Comcast? (Score 1) 70

by baegucb (#47470573) Attached to: Time Warner Turns Down Takeover Bid From Rupert Murdoch

Back in the mid-80s, Fox bought a software system from Warner Brothers. (I was there at the time at Fox, and there was an intern from a Warner exec who was a pain...liked tagging stuff) Murdoch was considered an idiot by Fox employees. He ran out of gas on a holiday in LA, called up the studio, and had the only security guard on duty come out to help out. Oh yeah, there was a Die Hard movie filmed at a skyscraper in Century City owned by Fox. They didn't want to add enough any inches for a raised floor computer room, so they left it where it was.

Comment: Re:Fight it if you want to. (Score 2) 555

by baegucb (#44736257) Attached to: The Legal Purgatory at the US Border: Detained, Searched, and Interrogated

"US Customs agents now have free reign to search through all the photos of your personal life, emails to your friends and family, all the e-books you have purchased, and your entire music library." makes interesting reading, or

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