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User Journal

Journal: So burned..

Journal by back_pages
A community driven, peer moderated website that mixes elements of Myspace with Slashdot. Each user has a sizable personal presence in the community, a la Myspace, with a homepage, bio, and pics. The main area of the website is like Slashdot, with "news" stubs and community commentary.

But here's the fun - the community is firmly devoted to flaming other people. All of the peer moderation will be based upon this goal. Dumb comments about being gay or plain profanity will typically be moderated as -1 Droll, while ripping condescending lines from hip alternative TV shows will be rated +1 Snob, Obscure Reference. Being completely blasted on every factual element could get you -1 Owned, while doing the owning would be +1 Immolator.

What would get the fun started? Every "news" stub would be a troll, submitted by some brave user, who has a stake in defending against the onslaught (ok, so maybe this is a complete rip off of Slashdot). You could implement some system where the first 10 highly modded flames become official "shots fired," and the poster gets 1 chance to respond to each of them. The peer review scores these 10 shots fired and the responses, and the poster's rank in the community is adjusted accordingly.

Instead of capping your karma at "excellent," we'd keep a far more open ended score that also goes negative.

The possibilities are endless. This idea came to me because I had a really craptacular day and really, really wanted to just flame the hell out of some innocent internet bystander. Instead, I came up with this idea and jotted it down. Does this utopia of hatred already exist on the internet? If not, I thought of it first.

User Journal

Journal: Introduction

Journal by back_pages
I've been a Slashdot user with excellent karma for several years now. Many years, in fact, if we consider the short life of the modern internet. Despite countless hours reading, posting, flaming, clicking, and flaming, I never had a good use for my Slashdot journal.

Well, the idea came to me today in my apartment while feeding my cats. (I am not single - WHEW - You know what they say about guys who live alone in apartments with cats.)

I will document my awesome money-making ideas for inventions, tv shows, and other things, so that when one of my ideas is stolen yet again, I will have definitive, public proof that I thought of it first.

Enjoy or be destroyed!

The use of money is all the advantage there is to having money. -- B. Franklin