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Comment: Re:Online doesn't work for average students (so fa (Score 1) 98

by b3x (#42097631) Attached to: Rise of the Online Code Schools

One of the biggest issues for current MOOCs is the large attrition rate (in the 90% range). Assuming that people signing up are at least average intelligence (on average of course), this suggests that average students are unable, for whatever reasons, to complete these courses. Part of it is that the instructors come from elite universities, are used to teaching elite students, and approach the MOOC in the same way, leaving the average student in the dust. Another part is that average students lack the motivation, discipline, as well as the smarts to learn complex concepts without a real-life instruction.

New Years Resolutions also have a high failure rate too, are people too dumb to lose weight? The bottom line is that people change their minds, lose focus, are lazy, have ADD, don't get that job, adjust career goals, on and on and on. You being an elitist, attribute the attrition rate to ignorant peasants attempting to learn the skills of the gods, while the truth is that life happens and people saw something shiny and they signed up ... then forgot about it

Comment: Re:Said it here first... (Score 1) 247

by b3x (#40764145) Attached to: <em>World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria</em> Launches On September 25
Taking release day off is a waste of time. Lag, starting area congestion, server restarts, etc etc ... is not an efficient use of time for leveling. Now, taking Thursday and Friday off to be level capped, and running heroics by Teusday reset. Yes, that is totally an option.

Comment: It is an id game ... (Score 0) 192

by b3x (#37597868) Attached to: id Software Releases <em>RAGE</em>
If you have been playing their games for 15+ years, then this game is going to be exactly what you have come to expect from id. A cutting edge game engine, with a bare bones but enjoyable game running on it. I played for about an hour last night (via wine) and it was alright. Was it worth $60? no probably not. The product I have seen is pretty much the same as the single player Doom 3 and Quake2/4. I don't think it is as horrible as the Ars review makes it out, but then they probably had higher expectations. I look forward to trying out some multi-player.

Comment: Could Easily Have Been Gold Farmers (Score 0) 413

by b3x (#37117940) Attached to: <em>World of Warcraft</em> Finally Loses Subscribers
While loosing almost 10% of the player base is significant, people are making too big of a deal over it. The vast majority of these accounts could easily have been gold selling accounts, multi-boxers who lost interest, etc. There was a huge surge in the popularity of multi-boxing at the end of wrath, and fads which gained popularity due to boredom, will fade once new content is released. As many have pointed out, there is more competition now too ...

Comment: I work in IT at a hospital (Score 0) 541

by b3x (#29710379) Attached to: For Some Medical Workers, a Flu Shot Or Possible Job Loss
We are being required to get both flu shots (seasonal and H1N1 when it arrives), and we are also required to sign a waiver releasing the hospital of all responsibility if something goes wrong. IANAL but this seems like a really shady thing to do. But in today's economy you can force people to do just about anything ....

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