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Comment Re:My Kobo is unplugged from the internet (Score 1) 142

I have a older nook (I think it's the first touch screen one). Do you like your Kobo? I think something with a built in light would be very nice, but I am not keen on buying into the whole Amazon ecosystem. Where did you buy your Kobo? I would think that since Rakuten owns Kobo, you could get them at rakuten.com, but it pretty much seems like the kobobooks.com site is the only place they have them.

Comment Re: Verizon/ATT Astro Turf (Score 1) 182

Around me, it's certainly not a myth. I switched from T-Mo to Cricket (AT&T towers) last year, and I noticed a decided improvement in my coverage. I was happy enough with T-Mobile since i don't really make many calls anyway, but there were certain routes where Pandora would drop on T-Mo & the Cricket data is uninterrupted.

Comment Re:How much will it cost. (Score 1) 396

You can buy a nice car for half the price, but it won't be just as nice. And it won't have the acceleration of the Tesla.
My car is over 10 years old, and I won't be buying a new one anytime soon, but if I had the cash for a luxury car I would certainly get the Tesla.

Comment Re:Missed opportunity (Score 1) 105

In addition to the fraud etc, there is the fact that for someone like me who pays their balance each month, the credit card company is loaning me the money at no interest. That's not free. Plus they actually give me 1-2% of my purchases as cashback. I'm all in favor of reducing the transaction costs, but I don't see it happening so meanwhile, I'll try to get the most out of the system we have.

Comment Re:How long will the company stay up? (Score 2) 494

VW make better cars than American companies.

Umm, JD Powers disagrees:

Anecdotally, everyone I know with VWs have had plenty of annoying problems. Ford & GM, not so many. I am surprised that VW comes in even worse than Chrysler, though.

My theory is that a lot of European manufacturers just don't fully understand just how much Americans drive. In addition to having almost twice as many vehicles per capita than the EU (any statistics that say otherwise are probably excluding light trucks in the US numbers), each of those vehicles gets driven almost twice as many miles in a year. Basically, American drive 3-4 times as much as Europeans.

My other theory is that the fact that their home markets are protected from the Japanese manufacturers has allowed them to rest on their laurels a bit. US manufacturers suffered vs the quality of the Japanese cars for years, but they eventually upped their game.

Comment Re:EPA standards (Score 2) 569

Many Americans drive, as their family vehicle as well as work vehicle, "light" trucks (e.g. Dodge RAM 3500) and SUVs which have much larger Diesel engines in them than the ones being discussed in these VW cars.

I'd say you're only half right. The vast majority of Americans who drive a truck or SUV as their family vehicle are driving the gasoline engine variant. The people with the larger diesels generally need the hauling capacity. The gas engines are still not very efficient, but they are not diesels.

Comment Re:Lutz is an idiot (Score 1) 535

the Kappa platform cars--Sky and Solstice--are most definitely not crap.

Here's what Edmund's has to say: "A used Solstice is a mixed bag, equal parts seductive sheet metal, hit-or-miss driving dynamics and disappointing reliability and quality."
That sounds crap to me compared to, say, a Miata.

You've also failed to mention that the Volt is a much more technologically interesting and advanced car than the most boring of motorized conveyances, the Prius.

I do think the Volt is very cool, however you have to admit that it hasn't really dented the sales of the Prius. If they came out with a convertible I would buy one in a second.

Comment Re:Silly story... (Score 1) 361

Couple of reasons why this kid may have been invited, and the others not:
The first two examples you cite were both just doing something simple, involving pretend guns. Of course their punishments were stupid, but you also don't want to hold them up as examples of how you should behave. The dinosaur story writer was arrested which is worse, but it seems that the arrest was for becoming irate at the cops who were searching his locker.
The kid with the clock had built something which required some skill, and STEM is a big deal in schools right now. He made no threats, mentioned no weapons, and his action in actually putting science and engineering into practice is something which should be encouraged.

Comment Re: Apple doesn't get it (Score 1) 279

I do develop for iOS. I couldn't even make a freaking app run in the background forever. No problem in Android. Apple removed this feature for some got forsaken reason.

I would venture to guess that the reason is battery life. My Android tablet, which is always updating tons of apps in the background, has abysmal battery life; even if I don't do anything on it, it dies within a day and a half. My wife's iPad 2 (which is older) lasts a lot longer (days) when just sitting untouched. Sure, it's nice that my Android devices will upload my photos to dropbox without me having to open dropbox, but it seems to me that Apple has prioritized "stuff the user is doing" over "stuff an app developer wants to do", and when I pick up my tablet to find it dead, I can't say it's a totally wrong choice.

Comment Re:Good guy teleco emplyees... (Score 1) 123

I pay $35 for pretty much the same deal as the Verizon loyalty plan on Cricket, and I get AT&T coverage rather than T-Mobile. I find it's quite a lot better, worth the extra $5 a month to me.
Of course, the $500 subsidy on the gp's phone phone is worth $20/month, so if you want that phone the Verizon deal is pretty good, especially considering that their coverage is even better than AT&T. I'm not willing to call 3 different people to get that though.

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