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Comment the day after Thanksgiving = turning a profit (Score 1) 140

> the day after Thanksgiving marked the occasion when America's stores finally turned a profit. This myth always gets repeated, but is very wrong. Just look at any publicly traded retailer, and the profitable ones report a profit every single quarter, not just the fourth quarter.

Comment I read the linked USA Today article (Score 1) 140

"In their quest to attract shoppers, stores will partner with big-name manufacturers to create "derivative models" — stripped-down versions of pre-existing TVs. These TVs, made specifically for Black Friday, are often not as good as the model they're based on: The picture may be lesser quality, or the warranty may be altered. There could be some missing features or components....... Most notably, Best Buy's model lacks smart TV features, and doesn't offer as many settings: It has just two different aspect ratios to choose from, while the non-Best Buy-specific version has six." Lacking smart TV features is a good thing.

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