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Comment: Re:Am I really evil? (Score 2) 1007

by aweol (#39662873) Attached to: Lack of Vaccination Sends Babies In Oregon To the Hospital
No your not, it's stiffiling the amount of flamed resposnes to this issue you get.
I was personally affected by a hot batch when I was younger, and have had subsequent reactions to other vaccines since.

This idea that herd immunity is some moral issue, on which we owe it to the social stucture is bull. Do people have reactions and die from these vaccines? Yes.
How are these vaccines regulated? and tested on children espeically those under one year? Not very well.

The moral issue here is not if you vaccinate your children, it really comes down to if we as a "society" accept that fact that we will kill children as an accepted risk to stop other diseases, and if that we as a "society" will allow a government to force a vaccination into our bodies and into our children.

I personally won't accept this, if this means my children not participating in public education then so be it. But to say that your immoral, or to say that your "killing" others; and treat you as if that is the case. That is sensationalist bullshit.

Comment: Re:On the other hand (Score 1) 63

As a former employee of a start-up, who had no "stake" in the business start-up mode is awful for moral and for the health of the employees. Often demanding 70+hr work weeks minimum, as a salaried employee. I was actually verbally told the 70hr number once was their expectation. Family life, personal health take a huge toll and on-top of this it was a IT start-up, so often times I was unable to sleep more than 3-hours straight without a call. That basically a recipe for quick burn-out which as the employee is more than just "losing some talent" now its a mental health, physical health and very personal issue that you and your family will have to deal with. Start-up mode is just a way to victimize employee's, unfortunately a vast majority of them personally learn why those environments are so toxic.

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