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Journal Journal: Almost 2015

I'm surprised at a few things.

1. This site is still here.
2. I am still on this site.

TAFN, etc.

Comment Good for Google, etc. (Score 1) 341

Good on Google to attempt to combat rampant bad manners using their tech. Unfortunately I don't think it'll work. Tact and social graces have been dead since long before Google even existed

Bad to all you brain-dead cave dwellers who are so damn hung up on this piece of tech somehow taking your picture that you think physical violence is ok. Here's a news flash for you bright sparks:

1. Nobody in the public sphere gives a fuck about you. Not me, not them, not anybody. Don't believe me? Go walk down a sidewalk in Manhattan and start randomly complaining to passers by about oh, cameras or something.

2. You're already on quite a few cameras, whether you're in public or on private property. Lots of them are manned by underpaid staff whose only bright spot to the day is uploading footage they find amusing to social media sites.

3. You assaulting someone who happens to possess a piece of hardware you don't like does, in fact, make you a criminal in a whole lot of jurisdictions. As opposed to your glass wearing nemesis, whose mere inclusion of you in the background of his photo of something else is either not typically culpable, or at the most a slap on the wrist.

I personally have a use case that I'd like to try Glass out for. It does involve wearing them in public. However, I do possess sufficient tact to remove them when interacting with someone. Were I to be assaulted for possessing them, or threatened with such, my response would be very much the same as to an attempted mugger. Being that I do reside in a country with rather widespread firearms ownership, engaging in this sort of self expression could earn you a well deserved perforation.

So far it seems as if the number of assholes wearing Glass are vastly outnumbered by the assholes who consider physically assaulting someone for such to be acceptable.

Submission + - Online Shop Has Closed 5

Duggeek writes: After 17 years, one of the best kept secrets in shopping, have shuttered their online doors. Myself, I have a small book of sales orders from years past. According to the latest announcement, that stack will not be growing any larger.

From the announcement:

Our vision has always been to provide the geeky tech consumer an alternative avenue to purchase quality refurbished and new techy products and gadgets. That vision was the cornerstone of our slogan “Best Deals Every Nanosecond”. Unfortunately after a lot of difficult consideration the owners of feel we are unable to come through on this vision any longer.

There are many why's... The e-commerce landscape, as well as the consumer electronics market, has changed dramatically with intense competition and a 1000lb gorilla (do we really need to say who) competitor that can lose millions of dollars to buy customers and suck up inventory. They can lose money with impunity, supported by the stock market. We cannot.

The landing page of their website now goes directly to this announcement; the storefront is switched off.

They maintain a Facebook page where a combination of remorse and surprise is rapidly growing. The letter also asserts that they will fulfill all business obligations to online customers during their transition to both a solitary, brick-and-mortar presence in California and a wholesale division, Evertek.

Personally, just about every keyboard in my closet was purchased from them, and another box full of USB devices as well. Five of my PC builds exist because of their competitive pricing and reasonable service. Feel free to share your own memories of the former Computer Geeks Discount Outlet.

Comment I'd love to (Score 1) 270

...but I can't. Have a family, which doesn't work all that well with active duty deployments. Have TERRIBLE vision and have had corrective lenses since age 4, also a non-starter. On top of that I'm 35...I couldn't get recruited for any of the armed services regardless of physical condition. In addition, the penchant of the current (and several prior) administration to engage other militaries and paramilitaries on a global scale, with no declaration of war (aside from a nebulous and ever-changing "terror" tag applied), renders training via our military an unavailable option to an otherwise very interested party.

In the current climate, without the flight time afforded by military experience, you are unlikely to make a livable wage as a commercial pilot (unless, perhaps, you are single, unattached, and can live on shoe strings for awhile). This combined with the initial expense of private pilot training really does not do anything to increase the available commercial pilot pool.

Comment Troll bar owner (Score 1) 471

The bar owner's a troll...however, I have to say that a bar is the LAST place I would have Glass on my head. I'm interested in it for business use, and recreational use, but come on...where do most cellphones get swiped/lost? That's right, in a bar.

That being said, if I were offered physical violence for wandering into an establishment with these on, there would be problems. A _polite_ request to remove would be sufficient.

Comment LOC makes laws? (Score 1) 193

Since when is the LOC or any staff thereof any kind of legislative body? Who granted them any authority to regulate, well, anything outside of the Library itself? I could understand the FCC issuing a ruling like this, as cellphones are very much within their purview, but the LOC?

What did I miss?

Comment Missing the point (Score 1) 1232

The paper missed the mark by miles, in their breathless attempt to score page views off the tragedy of another. But isn't this what news media does nowadays?

Sex offenders, unlike registered firearm owners, are typically 1. convicted felons (who are barred from firearm ownership anyway) and 2. Statistically likely to commit repeat offenses.

REGISTERED firearms owners are, in the overwhelming majority, legally permitted in their jurisdiction to possess such things, legally acquiring the firearms, and law abiding citizens. They have not broken any laws in the acquisition, ownership, or use of such items. In addition, at least in my area, this list would contain a very large percentage of the local law enforcement officers, who typically become quite irate at having their home addresses listed.

I won't show up on this kind of list, as the interesting things in my house are exempt from permit requirements in my locale. Besides, I'd so much rather pin an armed home invader to the wall with a broadhead arrow...much more in keeping with my barbarian ancestry. The stain will go away with the carpet.

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