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+ - Xterm scales font on window resize, like PuTTY?

Submitted by
avjt writes "Does anyone know of any terminal emulator for X-windows (xterm/rxvt-like & friends) that can be configured to keep the lines/columns unchanged on window resizing, and instead scale the font to fit? Recently I had to talk to a headless processor blade over a serial line, and the BIOS on the blade needed a VT100 terminal to display its menu. Running 'minicom' on a 80x24 xterm works, but I would often, out of habit, resize the xterm window — and mess up the display. The PuTTY SSH client for Windows can be configured to 'change size of font when window is resized'. Such a feature on the xterm would really have come in handy. Of course, simply rejecting window resize requests would also solve this specific problem, but scaling the font would be cool! Basically this would be an xterm where the number of lines & number of columns are independent of the window geometry. I realize this can work with vector fonts only. I've done the obligatory Google search to look for this feature, but I could only find references to PuTTY, and to some terminal applications for Mac OSX. Is there anything like this in the Linux/X Gnome/KDE world? Anyone working on something like this?"

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