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Comment Re: Everyone's phone, DSL and copper (Score 1) 177

And even if the local loop stayed up, I guarantee that long distance trunks have filled up or dropped plenty of times without you being aware

Even if the long distance trunks did drop, how is that the fault of the OP's landline? After Hurricane Wilma, when cell phone towers were either down or overwhelmed or had no power, my landline was still working. A lot of my neighbors had to borrow my phone. I even gave my next door neighbor an old handset to use at his house - he had DSL and his landline worked, but he didn't have a plain old telephone.

Comment Re:On the one hand... (Score 2) 49

I am mostly in agreement with your argument, but I'd like to play devil's advocate here, just to explore some possibilities.

ESP, more specifically the "seeing at a distance" you reference, would, I think, require intelligence to make it useful. Otherwise, if you have no idea that what you are seeing is a window into the world that you cannot see, you would not be able to act on it and therefore it would be evolutionarily useless and, as you point out, not an advantage worth keeping.

Also, if intelligence has to arise before such an ability becomes useful, it makes sense then that this adaptation would be very primitive. I am thinking of eyes here, how at first they were very primitive adaptations that let early organisms distinguish up from down based on light to the full visible spectrum organs that have evolved multiple times in different genera at different times. So perhaps some individuals do have an ability that, to the rest of us, is extra-sensory, but perhaps it is a very limited ability compared to adaptations that have been honed for millions of years.

Personally, I am not convinced that ESP exists, but I am willing to accept that such abilities may arise. So I see nothing wrong with testing to see if there might be some truth in claims for these abilities.

Comment Re:Does it count as "evidence" (Score 5, Informative) 258

You really need to read the articles. To quote from one of them:

But the real kicker for the researchers was the fact that their simulations also predicted that there would be objects in the Kuiper Belt on orbits inclined perpendicularly to the plane of the planets. Batygin kept finding evidence for these in his simulations and took them to Brown. "Suddenly I realized there are objects like that," recalls Brown. In the last three years, observers have identified four objects tracing orbits roughly along one perpendicular line from Neptune and one object along another. "We plotted up the positions of those objects and their orbits, and they matched the simulations exactly," says Brown. "When we found that, my jaw sort of hit the floor."

"When the simulation aligned the distant Kuiper Belt objects and created objects like Sedna, we thought this is kind of awesome—you kill two birds with one stone," says Batygin. "But with the existence of the planet also explaining these perpendicular orbits, not only do you kill two birds, you also take down a bird that you didn't realize was sitting in a nearby tree."

Comment Re:Global warming has been changed to Climate Chan (Score 1) 119

I am a physicist, a real expert on stuff like that, and I know that the global temperature has not increased for almost 20 years.

Really? NASA Link for Average Global Temperature since 1884

Have you read this Scientific American article from 2010?

Or maybe you haven't seen this NOAA Graphic that says, "August 2015 average global land and ocean temperature was the warmest August since records began in 1880."

Comment Let's Remember the Important Thing Here (Score 5, Insightful) 273

Let's cut all the crap about global warming/climate change and remember that there are people living where this storm is making landfall. It doesn't matter if this is the strongest storm ever or if climate change caused this, there are real people in harm's way. This is not going to be pretty, between storm surge and rainfall over mountainous terrain and the flooding that will bring. So please keep these people in mind.

Do whatever you think best to help. whether that be prayer or cutting out a Starbuck's run to donate to the Red Cross. What are we put on this Earth for if not to help one another?

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