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Comment Re: Sure... (Score 1) 262

I have no idea why this was modded down. It is a very valid question.

Why are drive train components accessible on any car over-the-air? I understand the need for a GPS or entertainment system to access the outside world, but why do the components of the power train or braking systems need to be accessible? Physical separation can't be all that hard and would be so much safer.

Comment Re:Interesting person (Score 1) 284

Notice I didn't say anything about forcing a person to do anything. I said that hiding behind your religious beliefs is a crock of shit. Unless you are asking every customer if they've ever cheated on their spouse, ever been divorced or ever worked on a Sunday then you are cherry picking what parts of your religion you will use to deny someone service because you are offended by who they love.

Chi-fil-A is closed on Sunday. It is the founder's sincere religious belief that his employees should follow the Biblical proscription about working on the Sabbath. But being closed on Sundays denies everyone service that day. No one can complain because all of the public is affected the same.

But refusing to seat a gay couple in your restaurant because their existence offends you is different. You are denying them service with out cause. If you seat everyone but Jews at your restaurant because you think the Jews killed Christ you are applying your interpretation of your religion to discriminate. It is not now about your religious beliefs - it is about how offended you are that these people exist. What is different about that and denying to seat a mixed race couple?

The fact that you are offended by someone's political beliefs does not mean you can refuse them service on that basis. One is protected speech, the other is denying service to a person because they offend you. I thought that was settled at that Woolworth's lunch counter...

Comment Re:Interesting person (Score 1) 284

If you set up a business and serve the public, you have to tolerate that some members of that public will have views you don't agree with. Refusing to serve them because you cannot tolerate their lifestyle or skin color or religious convictions is the very definition of intolerance.

Using your personal religious convictions to pick and chose what members of the public you will serve IS intolerance. Can a Muslim shop owner refuse entrance to a woman that does not have her head covered? Could he refuse service to a man that is clean shaven?

Comment Re:Interesting person (Score 0) 284

Intolerant is baking a cake for a person that's on their fourth marriage while refusing to bake one for a lesbian couple that is finally able to marry after twenty years together.

"Intolerant" is defining "intolerant" as: "Intolerant is baking a cake for a person that's on their fourth marriage while refusing to bake one for a lesbian couple that is finally able to marry after twenty years together"...

No,it's not. It is intolerant to say to someone that you are not as important, not worthy of the same consideration as anyone else. How else would you define intolerant?

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