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Journal Journal: 50 Gmail Invites giveaway 4

I have 50 gmail invites to give away. You can e-mail me (I have at it next to my name) and I'll update my sig as I give them away.

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Journal Journal: Gmail Invite Challenge 3

The point to this is to hand out a gmail invite to the person who completes a challenge you set. The challenge may involve finding some obscure tid-bit on a website to posting a picture with Kerry holding some corn. Anyone can post a challenge. The idea is similar to gmail swap, but I don't get anything in return. (Also feel free to put a link in your signature).

Here's one from me:
In the game ArmageddonMUD which race primarily speaks Allundean? First person to answer gets a free invite. If you put up an answer provide your e-mail address (although feel free to disguise it such as having lysm@___h__o__t__m__ail.com delete the _).

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