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Comment Misleading Summary (Score 1) 65

The technology will likely be priced in the 'hundreds of dollars,' rather than the tens of thousands that the likes of Cisco and Polycom charge for high-end telepresence rooms.

And that's because this is not a "high-end telepresence room"; it's a "low-cost camera and screen that swivels on a set of robotic shoulders, and sits at a meeting table with physical attendees." Apples and oranges.

Comment Re:because .xxx is nothing like .sex (Score 3, Informative) 266

The doc you linked does mention a different idea that I could get behind though, establish a .kids which would be a semi-walled garden of child appropriate material.

That's been tried, via an administered second-level domain,

From the link, It's the first and only "youth-friendly" Web space to be established by the United States government, and it features advanced technical, policy and operational mechanisms that keep young people informed, entertained and protected online.

Comment DIY (Score 5, Informative) 370

You can go to and add (or remove) the blocks yourself (note: some of the links are found at the extreme right or bottom of the page):

Account -> Plan -> Set Usage Controls -> Add/Remove Blocks

  • Block Ringback Tone Purchase
  • Block Premium Messaging
  • Block V CAST Music
  • Block Premium Animated Messaging
  • Block Mobile Web
  • Block Web Purchases
  • Block V CAST Video Clips
  • Block Application Downloads

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