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Comment: Re:Hardware demands match? (Score 0) 785

by atroc (#26431937) Attached to: In-Depth With the Windows 7 Public Beta
Haha, I'm getting the same feeling. I installed the beta on my MSI U100, and performance-wise, it's actually quite decent. Still surf the internet just fine and everything, all the eye-candy is easily working (CPU-based, of course), and I think the only driver that didn't work at first was my wireless...which required me to hit Windows Update real fast...everything else "Just Works".

Comment: Re:Fuel economy (Score 0) 1114

by atroc (#25349783) Attached to: Fuel Efficiency and Slow Driving?
Yes, that's the exact same thing I try to tell car's an automatic, but has a tach on it. At 35mph, my car is doing around 2k 40mph, I'm doing around 1.2k...I don't do more than 5 over in neighborhoods...but on the open road an stuff, if I notice I can go up a gear by going FASTER, I do so...why waste the gas by going slower?

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