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Comment: Re:Is that legal in the UK? (Score 5, Insightful) 306

by atouk (#46415387) Attached to: Mozilla Is Investigating Why Dell Is Charging To Install Firefox
I'm pretty sure that OEMs like Dell just use preconfigured master images to flash an install onto a hard drive. The user when he is selecting what to install is the one actually doing all the work, the rest is just a glorified script to create the configured disk. Manually installing the selected programs would take hours per machine. The generated hard drive image takes only as long as the image takes to write to the hard drive.

Comment: Re:since it suddenly appeared (Score 1) 140

If the rover had a fluids leak, then every time it stopped, it would leave a spot like a car with a bad transmission does on a driveway. And if it is a leak, then that's bad news for a long term mission, and NASA should be doubly concerned what it is to see how it will affect onboard systems, and modify rover behavior accordingly.

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Missions never go to the same area twice. And how can you stick to a set plan, when you don't have a clue to what's really there to begin with? It's the things they don't understand or expect that should get the most attention. Sure comparative geology is great for establishing a control baseline, but the real science is looking for the stuff that isn't expected.

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by atouk (#46056429) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: 'There Are No Black Holes'
I think a better term than Gravistar or "Black Hole" would be "Ice Hole". Since matter is sucked into one to the point that the matter at the center is compressed so tightly that any molecular motion is impossible, the temperature of the center would actually be 0K. The density of it would be so great that even energy from matter impacting the edges of it would fail to cause shock waves to pass to the center, but make the entire mass of the object resonate as a solid unit. In effect, all matter, energy, and even time would be frozen at the center. Therefore "Ice Hole". No proof presented. Math is hard.

Comment: People then become property. (Score 1) 293

by atouk (#43285149) Attached to: You Don't 'Own' Your Own Genes
If a corporation owns a gene or by extension, chromsome group, then that corporation is the only one able to treat that gene or chromosone with any therapy as it's been declared off limits to other corporations. So by having a single corporation able to treat a disease or defect, the individual becomes wholly dependant on a single, for profit entity. This single entity, answerable to nobody, has effectively made you it's property, and has the ability to treat or not treat you, at whatever price it pleases.

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