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Comment Re:damn frogs!!! (Score 1) 554

Oh ya, to answer your valid question, I'm planning to move out of Quebec soon. But I do reserve the right to critize Quebec because I have spent many years here and I have contributed to the culture. The problem is not the language divide but the fact it's causing an imbalance of power within the province. And I believe that this cultural "war" between the french and english is manufactured by certain parties, like most "wars".

Comment damn frogs!!! (Score 1) 554

I have the profound displeasure of living in Quebec, surrounded by frenchies, and I can say that they love shooting themselves in the foot. The most ironic thing about it, is that they are obsessed by conserving a language that they can't even use properly, most of them don't even understand the grammar, it's such an over-sophisticated and pretentious language that they spend a big part of the schooling just learning it and failing. And most never learn english, so they force to work low paying jobs because they can't work for companies that are international or national.

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