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Comment before unbuntu (Score 3, Interesting) 110

I was running Gentoo on my desktop and laptop to get the latest performance optimizations since most distros at the time were optimized for older processors. Ubuntu was really the first distro that was optimized out of the box for performance desktops. I don't miss debugging compilation issues with "emerge world".

Comment Sure in DEV, but not QA, UAT, and PROD (Score 1) 288

I have no problem with developers installing in DEV, but they should not be pulling the trigger on any environment outside of development. The trick is to make sure that the process is consistent across all environments with different teams executing the release. I sell software that solves these problems, but its usually the process not the technology where the biggest problems reside.

Comment Re:Goodbye Yelp (Score 1, Insightful) 114

Trust me, Yelp is going nowhere. Zagat is a nice legacy brand, and there was a time when their ratings were good and relevant, but that time has passed. The biggest strength of Yelp is the community. People who review on Yelp are not going to switch to Google unless there is some compelling reason. As we've seen with the failure of Google Plus, its very hard to build community from nothing.

Comment Tivo needs to move to iptv (Score 1) 490

The biggest problem with Tivo's current model is the fact that Tivo is entirely dependent on cable companies and satellite providers. I have a Tivo HD, its an awesome device, but I'm the only person I know who has one. When the cable company offers a crappy integrated "dvr," not many people are going to motivated to pay more, and go through more hassle (cable cards), just to have a Tivo. Tivo needs to cut out the middleman, and offer an iptv device. No cable cards, no contracts with satellite providers, just plug it in to your network.

Tower Switch-Off Embarrasses Electrosensitives 292

Sockatume writes "Residents in Craigavon, South Africa complained of '[h]eadaches, nausea, tinnitus, dry burning itchy skins, gastric imbalances and totally disrupted sleep patterns' after an iBurst communications tower was put up in a local park. Symptoms subsided when the residents left the area, often to stay with family and thus evade their suffering. At a public meeting with the afflicted locals, the tower's owners pledged to switch off the mast immediately to assess whether it was responsible for their ailments. One problem: the mast had already been switched off for six weeks. Lawyers representing the locals say their case against iBurst will continue on other grounds."

Palm Pre and WebOS Get Native Gaming 49

rboatright writes "WebOS developers have been waiting, and with the 1.3.5 release, Palm's open source page suddenly listed SDL. Members of the WebOS internals team took that as a challenge and within 24 hours had a working port of Doom running in SDL on the Pre, in a webOS card. 48 hours later, they not only had Quake running, but had found in the latest LunaSysMgr the requirements to launch a native app from the webOS app launcher from an icon just like any other app. At the same time, the team demonstrated openGL apps running. With full native code support, with I/O available via SDL, developers now have a preview into Palm's future intent with regard to native code SDK's, and a hint of what's coming."

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