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Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 280

by assassinator42 (#41792741) Attached to: HTC Losing Ground Faster Than RIM or Nokia

Apparently Google hasn't learned from HTC either.
Supposedly the new Nexus phone will have a non-removable battery, 8GB storage, and no microSD slot. (Supposedly a 16GB version will be released later).
At least it has an unlocked bootloader and fast updates, although Google does have an unfair advantage there. But don't expect them to pull the rug out from anyone.

Comment: Re:Wha...? (Score 1) 171

by assassinator42 (#41479059) Attached to: Windows 8 Has Scaling Issues On High-PPI Displays

Non DPI aware applications being marked DPI aware is Microsoft's fault. They decided to mark MFC applications (and potentially others) DPI-aware by default (at least when compiled with Visual Studio 2010).
It doesn't help that the GUI designer (at least for Windows Forms) in Visual Studio doesn't work right at non-default DPIs. It also doesn't help that their automatic scaling for Windows Forms doesn't work right (probably why they haven't enabled it by default).
I was assuming a huge part of Metro was fixing the DPI scaling issues. I guess not.

Comment: Re:Apple's receipt verification is broken too (Score 1) 142

by assassinator42 (#40649611) Attached to: Russian Hacker Sidesteps Apple iOS In-App Purchases

The receipt data is first supposed to be sent to the developer's server. The server then verifies it with the app store. It's up to the developer to make sure communication with their own server is secure.
Still not a very good system IMO. What does Apple use for securing actual app purchases from their store? I'm assuming they have something in place to prevent using a MITM attack to install your own apps?

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by assassinator42 (#40453581) Attached to: Facebook Says Your Email Is @Facebook

You can certainly point a domain name at a dynamic IP. Just use a DNS provider (like ZoneEdit) that provides a way to update A records using a dynamic DNS client and set your TTL low.
You still run into issues for the duration of the TTL after your IP changes, but how often does that actually happen now? It's not uncommon for me to be connected for 1 month or more at a time.

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