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Comment: Re:Why I still think we need vouchers (Score 1) 389

by asolidvoid (#31690552) Attached to: <em>Stand and Deliver</em> Teacher Jaime Escalante Dies
I'm not very familiar with how a voucher system would work, so let me know if I'm off base, but in your example—wouldn't it still keep him from providing adequate service to underprivileged hispanic youth, since he's so good at what he does—everyone in LA would want their kids to be taught by him, diluting his impact on the community that needs it (and presumably he would have wanted to serve) most?

Comment: Re:CDs! How *quaint* (Score 1) 362

by asolidvoid (#31544800) Attached to: UMG To Price New CDs Under $10
E. Album Art anyone?

Nothing gets me into the mental soundscape of an album better than 2, 4, or sometimes more square feet of sweet graphics designed to project a visual grounding for the audio content. Those silly itunes previews and even CD slips are a joke in comparison. Poster-size graphics and legible fonts are what do it for me.

That being said, if CD's came in 12"x12" glossy books, I would be all over it, esp. at a sub $10 price point.

Comment: Re:Step 1. (Score 1) 1197

by asolidvoid (#31231760) Attached to: Health Insurance When Leaving the Corporate World?
Believe it or not, step 2 is in fact available for a limited time: Call your congresscritter or write a letter and help us get this bloody healthcare legislation passed. As someone directly affected by the wanton denial of coverage in the current system, I have no choice but to stay corporate in a field where time and again it has been shown that the entrepreneurs are the ones who are able to bring about the exciting innovation that made me fall in love with the profession. Certainly not the worst of the horror stories in this debate, but the reality is that we have a limited time right now to make things a little better for a lot of people, and provide a safety net for those who would dare to break out of their corporate shackles and try something potentially game changing. just my 2...

Comment: Re:Prison Sentences (Score 1) 1127

by asolidvoid (#30339814) Attached to: "Accidental" Download Sending 22-Year-Old Man To Prison
Well said! And to think i just ran out of mod points... Keep speaking truth like this and we might even be able to get a prison system that isn't allowed to become so bloated and overcrowded that it's deemed unconstitutional (here in California at least), while the state swings the budget axe on everything *but* this most massive of welfare programs. Which is more productive to society: massive cuts in education funding from kindergarden all the way up through graduate level research - or incarcerating the 3,629 non-violent 3rd striker's for 25 to life? Just to break that down (assuming the minimum 25 years for each of those people, and the $40k/yr estimate for keeping them locked up), that's over $3.6 Billion (with a B) in state money, which you may have heard is in rather short supply at the moment.

Comment: Re:I cut the cable (Score 1) 265

by asolidvoid (#26859465) Attached to: Rabbit Ears To Stage a Comeback Thanks To DTV
That includes subchannels. Of course, a lot of those subchannels are programed separately - for example, Fox has a subchannel (maybe a different station all together?) which seems to be nothing but latin dance music videos. Lots of asian programing in the upper channels. One station is just jazz music with no video content (like the music channels on sat. TV if you've tried that). The 3 distinctly programed PBS channels are good and the NBC subchannel with nothing but winter sports is strangely addictive...(luuuged!) Mainly though, it's all about the major networks in HD plus the few cable shows I would have watched on comedy central/CN that are now free to stream. FWI: I'm using an RCA ANT 1400 Multi-directional indoor antenna.

Comment: I cut the cable (Score 5, Insightful) 265

by asolidvoid (#26858977) Attached to: Rabbit Ears To Stage a Comeback Thanks To DTV
Here in the Bay Area I get about 42 digital channels over the air, many of which are HD. Between that and all the streamable content on sites like Hulu, and Netflix on demand, the case for paying a monthly cable or satellite fee really does seem pretty weak these days. (At least for those in major metropolitan areas.)

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