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Comment: executives will be shocked and outraged (Score 1) 70

by asjk (#46673975) Attached to: Bugs In SCADA Software Leave 7,600 Factories Vulnerable
My prediction is the executives of any compromised oil rigs, refineries and power plants will assure us they will not stop until they bring to light any shortcoming that caused any resultant catastrophe. They will go on to say that no one could have foreseen this happening and they are laser focused on keeping our infrastructure safe.

Comment: A national shame on our government and capitalism (Score 1) 107

by asjk (#46003131) Attached to: Analyst Calls Russian Teen Author of Target Malware
This is embarrassing if true. For me the target of ire is much closer to home. It has been said that the free market will produce the best product. Isn't it also true that we should deserve the national defense that we buy? Haven't these transgressions happened often enough now that our economic institutions should have more secure systems that protect the consumer from intrusions? How about the money spent on government surveillance? Shouldn't they secure us from threats that compromise enterprise and privacy? We should learn from the laboratories of other democratic societies to inform our transition to a system of capital exchange that is more appropriate of a world superpower. Securing our boarders also means safe money transfers.

Comment: anecdotal? (Score 1) 65

by asjk (#40808511) Attached to: Predicting Color Blindness, ADD, or Learning Disorders From Game Data
This "11-person team, primarily comprised of 20-somethings developers" contends they " can tell if you are a girl or buy, smart, dumb, old and youngcan tell if you’re a gambler or not, if a kid is color blind and confusing red and green. All this, just from a game." One has to believe that they have made numerous observations and reached conclusions but almost certainly they lack lengthy verifiable experiments to establish efficacy. I don't doubt that much they say can be shown to have value, there just needs to be more scientific rigor applied. The article is short on descriptions of what data they are seeing and how this relates to their assertions.

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