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Comment: Re:Benefits to not having a Google+ account growin (Score 1) 602

by ashridah (#40737899) Attached to: Google Wants You to Use Your Real Name on YouTube

p>Really makes you think twice about having a Google account for anything, although there's really no great replacement for some of the services they offer...

If someone were to build a third party website or tool that let me keep track of subscriptions for youtube, in a manner that doesn't wind up changing every 3 weeks (unlike youtube's front page), without needing a youtube account, I'd delete my youtube account in about 1 minute flat.

Comment: Re:Monetizing... what would Hollywood know? (Score 3, Funny) 288

by ashridah (#39703139) Attached to: Paramount Claims Louis CK "Didn't Monetize"

Yep. Let's add to this another stunner:

Darth Vader Not Getting Paid, Because Return Of The Jedi Still Isn't Profitable. Nevermind that, adjusting for inflation, Return of the jedi was the film with the 15th highest gross to date.

But hey, You know, if it's not making a profit, then you don't have to pay anyone their share.

Comment: Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 318

by ashridah (#37001210) Attached to: Are 'Real Names' Policies an Abuse of Power?


I avoided facebook for almost 2-3 years. Then someone I know/knew (never found out who), decided to impersonate me on Facebook. Then one of my friends finds out i "have" and account, and tells my new girlfriend, who promptly gets really pissed off at me for having a facebook account and not friending her.

I ended up making a facebook account just to avoid this kind of situation continuing (and i reported the imposter, who promptly removed themselves from search, and facebook ui bugginess prevented me from copying their account id number, etc (I hit block when they friended me, and then went to hit the 'report' button, but their page rewrote itself and removed the entire chunk of html before i could get close to clicking the report button)

Now i find out google's got a facebook clone, and all my friends are going nuts about it. And i find out "oh, don't worry, you're already listed in a bunch of my circles". Which means, i presume, i'm being tagged on shit, with no control, unless I sign up. Awesome.

This entire system can fuck itself.

Comment: Re:Where are the routers for IPV6? does comcast ma (Score 1) 214

by ashridah (#35077570) Attached to: Comcast Activates IPv6 Trial Users

uh,. no. that's not true.

You have to wait, last i checked, 2-3 minutes for the remote end to forget your old mac address. then you plug the cable back in.

I've had to do this, when swapping from a laptop (for the comcarse support or installation tech), and then as soon as they're gone/done, i turn off the modem, plug it into my linux gateway, and wait a few minutes. then turn the modem back on, and the linux gateway gets an IP immediately.

Comment: Re:Hmm (Score 1) 779

by ashridah (#33873042) Attached to: Pope Says Technology Causes Confusion Between Reality and Fiction

Not to mention Begging the question. To claim that science can't explain free will is assuming that free will exists to be determined in the first place.

I'm personally putting my money down on 'Chaotic but not free' will. Our brains are organized systems, but they're organized systems based on feedback loops that self-modify based on stimulae. They're incredibly complex, but they're still operating within the realm of biochemistry. What remains to be seen is how much quantum effects (such as the random position of an electron at any given time) can affect the self-modification process.

Of course, i'm hardly a neuroscientist, or a developmental biologist (both of which play a huge role here, not to mention a few other disciplines)

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