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Comment: Re:What is the point (Score 2) 203

by ascrewloose (#37453164) Attached to: MIT's $1,000 House Challenge Yields Results
I'm sure $1,000 was set just to house cost/generic baseline. Obviously, there will be lots of variables. Cost of products, labor, land, taxes. I just like house the house can be infinitely expandable, building larger pinwheels around the outside until it becomes insanely difficult to reach the center.

Comment: Re:Highway to Hell (Score 1) 245

by ascrewloose (#37406398) Attached to: Google Enlarges Warchest With 1023 IBM Patents

No, I don't believe there is any longer a single valid argument for "intellectual property" laws, of any kind. Not trademark, not copyright, and certainly not patents.

That solution is decidedly radical. Doesn't the best answer generally lie somewhere in the middle? If I find a single valid argument for intellectual property, then I have proved your solution/argument illogical.

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