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Comment Re:Anonymous way off the mark on this one (Score 1) 72

When you think you're doing something for somebody's own good without consulting them, you can essentially be seen as doing it in their name and/or infantilizing them. Not only did this potentially cause danger to many of China's citizens, as your motto says, but they likely didn't appreciate it in form at all. You don't see reports of similar incidents on the mainland done by nationals. Just totally counterproductive and it embarrassed me.

Comment Split and In Opposition is the only way to oversee (Score 1) 122

Observing this interplay between the two separate groups is the only way to reliably oversee and glean reliable data that either or both are not compromised, or "rooted." It's a brilliant solution. Be glad they implemented it. The next obvious question is, how do they have the oversight mechanisms kept secret and in redundancy? They'd have to be pretty much 100% passive.

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