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+ - Early 2011 Macbook Pro's dropping(still) like flies->

Submitted by arvindsg
arvindsg (1757328) writes "Back in january multiple news outlets including slashdot reported that that early 2011 macbook pro's were failing with dead GPU's, just as people reached end of 3 year extended warranties on the same. More than half a year later and with about 9000 comments on apple's official forums there has still been no official response from apple. Official response of apple support has been to get the logic boards replaced(with only 90 day warranty on it), but which does not seem to fix the problem. Rather what seems to fix the thing is good old lead based reballing of the gpu or temporarily by cooking your macbook pro"
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Comment: That's not very smart (Score 1) 213

by arvindsg (#48110031) Attached to: NASA Finds a Delaware-Sized Methane "Hot Spot" In the Southwest

We didn't focus on it because we weren't sure if it was a true signal or an instrument error,

That is not very smart, Such a huge discrepancy from expected value no matter what the reason should be the first thing to focus on. What use were your other measurements if you weren't even sure if the 2500km spot was instrument error or real thing.

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